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Deathstrike Records announce upcoming releases

HADES ARCHER - For the diabolical ages LP   
DEATHSTRIKE RECORDS is proud to announce to release the vinyl edition of this fantastic piece of devsstating metal !
Hailing from Chile this album will please anyone into bands like BLACK WITCHERY, MORBOSIDAD, BESTIAL WARLUST, CONQUEROR and ARCHGOAT. Imagine a the sheer brutality of those bands with a certain amount of variety, great songwriting skills rounded up with a nice touch of old SODOM, forming definitely a sound of their own. 
Vinyl, will be pressed in 500 copies at around November/December 2011.

Also in the works...

2 of the most primitive german black metal existing unite on a 7" split vinyl. This one will be sent to press as soon as the recordings are finished.
Out Probably October 2011 !
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