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December 2016 Update

Pest Webzine update:

Interview with Polish Pagan Metallers STWORZ



Second part of the interview with CARLTON MELSON



Vintage interview with Robert Halverson (Warning S.F.)



Vintage interview with Stefan Arnold (Grave Digger) about his former band GRINDER



Blitz Quitz interview with Brazilian Hardcore Death Grind band HAUSER



Blitz Quitz interview with UK based Black Death Metallers HEX MORBIDITY



Blitz Quitz intervie with Danish Folk Metallers HULDRE



Blitz Quitz interview with Gothic Power Metallers MALACODA



Blitz Quitz interview with UK based Death Grind band MEAT TRAIN



Blitz Quitz interview with UK based Black Metal act SHADOWFLAG



Blitz Quitz interview with German Heavy Metal combo STEEL MESSIAH



UK based Black Death Metallers HEX MORBIDITY present us their most recent self-titled EP



Italian Doom Thrash Metallers SILENT MORIAH present us their debut EP, Wise Murders and Natural Evil



New reviews published HERE:

Bifrost - Mana Ewah
Black Cult - Cathedral of the Black Cult
Burn Down Eden - Ruins of Oblivion
Dantesco - Venancio
Death Metal Pope - Harvest
Demonic Slaughter - Dark Paths to Catharsis
Dizziness - Bound by Strength
Evil Madness / Infant Death - Split
Groovenom - ModernDeathPop
Hokedun - Succumbing to Decay
Iron Fire - Among the Dead
Kurokuma - Adversus
Mrome - Noetic Collision On The Roof Of Hell
Mystons - Destination Death
Noctem - Haeresis
Ordo Sanguinis Noctis - In the Black Tomb of Time
Picture Ann - Mountains, Myth and Murder
Qaanaaq - Escape from the Black Iced Forest
Satanize - Apocalyptic Impious Command
Seventh Station - Between Life and Dreams
Signalfeide - 12 Miles from Home
Skiltron - Legacy of Blood
Throneum - Morbid Death Tales
Violblast - Conflict
Zora - Scream Your Hate

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