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December update

Pest Webzine update:


Interview with Avantgarde (Black) Metal one man band PENSEES NOCTURNES from France


Blitz Quitz interview with Canada based Technical Modern Death Metal band GOMORRAH


Blitz Quitz interview with Chilean Groove Thrash Metalers LEFUTRAY


Blitz Quitz interview with Canada based Technical Progressive Rock band LIKE ANIMALS


Blitz Quitz interview with US based Melodic Death Metallers MYTHIRAS


Blitz Quitz interview with Austrian Epic Black Metallers NOCTURNE


Blitz Quitz intervew with Black Death Metal band NYR GATA from Germany


Blitz Quitz interview with French Modern Metallers ORDER OF 315


Blitz Quitz interview with Progressive Death Metal band RHINE from USA


Blitz Quitz interview with Philippines based Extreme Metallers SERVORUM


Swedish Old-School Doom Metallers BENEATH SLUMBER talk about their debut album, Triumph of Death


US based female fronted Old-School Death Metallers BLOODSTRIKE present us their debut album, In Death We Rot


Chilean Crossover Thrash Metallers CONFLICTED talk about their most recent album, Under Bio-lence


French Symphonic Black Death Metal band DEATHCODE SOCIETY describe their debut album, Eschatonizer


French Atmospheric Black Death Metal act NECROBLASPHEME present us their most recent album, Belleville


Austrial Epic Black Metallers NOCTURNE talk about their self-titled debut album


France based Modern Metal band ORDER OF 315 talk about their second album, AntiPi


New reviews published HERE:

Antropofago - Aera Dementae
Atomwinter - Iron Flesh
Azaghal / Oath - Split
Chiral - Night Sky
Condemnatory - (R)evolutionär återvändsgränd
Corrosive Elements - Toxic Waste Blues
Dauden - My Soul Will Be Damned Forever
Dead Twilight - Endless Torment
Dysylumn - Conceptarium
Ebony Code - Sistema Transgenico
Guadana - Deryaz
Heimdalls Wacht - Ut de graute olle Tied - Deel Twee (Land der Nebel)
Hell:on - Once upon a Chaos...
Hellvoid - Gloomy Wizard
Isenblast - Altars of Blood
Kairos - Wicked Callings
Meliah Rage - Before the Kill
Menstruophagist - Lollipocracy
Mephorash - 1557 - Rites of Nullification
Morbid Slaughter - A Filthy Orgy of Horror and Death
Necronomicon - Pathfinder... Between Heaven and Hell
Netherfell - Between East and West
No Salvation - Defiling Verses
Nyr Gata - Seraphim
Of Spire & Throne - Sanctum in the Light
Otargos - Xeno Kaos
Piarevaracien - Down the Broken Path
Repulsive Aggression - Preachers of Death
Rotem - Nightmare Forever
Scala Mercalli - New Rebirth
The AXE Project - Stories from a Lost Realm, Part Two
The Negation - Memento Mori
Thy Legion - Promo 2015
Tine - The Forest Dreams of Black
Twist Ending - Musica di Morte
Tzelmoth - Rehearsal - XII-I-MMXV
Vargsang - In the Mist of Night
Various Artists - Evocation of the Demons Vol. I
Various Artists - Thrashing Damnation Thru Compilation vol. 2
Various Artists - We'll still be Metal
Verheerer - Archar
Vomit Breath - Confessions of a Necrophiliac Priest
Ygfan - Kod
Zentaura - Made with Blood

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