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Dhishti releases debut album

It is with Great honor that we announce that our Debut Album Titled "Decease" has been Released through DEPRESSIVE ILLUSIONS RECORDS (UKRAINE) in TAPE format and it is available throughout the world. 

Decease unveils a hidden side about the 30 years of war which has being going on in Sri Lanka. The intro which was Recorded by Dylan Perera (Former guitarist of Dhishti) in 2009 at Chroma Studios, brings out a vibe of the ancient Singhala ritual of attending Praujjhabhumi. The album speaks of a Monk seeing the 30 year old Massacre and he looks behind his life as a patriot and as a soldier who fought in the war. FTIB speaks of how he express rage against the imperialists who invaded our country throughout thousands years. Raging Flames score the battle field which was written and composed by Ramindu Deshapriya brings out the atmosphere of the battlefield the thundering sounds of doom, mournful screams of the wounded and the fumes of the rotting bodies of the deceased. Blood of the Singhale explains how the battle was won by the undefeatable Singhalese shedding their blood facing the enemy how they take revenge and regaining what was truly ours. 

Decease holds a total play time of 51 minutes making it one of the first Full Length albums to reach to the international underground black metal scene. Decease is now released through Depressive Illusions Records (Ukraine) and it is due to be released through Salute Records (Sweden) in January. The album is mainly influenced through Sri Lankan folk music and eastern music. traditional instruments like Thammattam, Dawul, Horana, Yak bera, Pantheru and Indian traditional instruments like the Sarod has been used in the album. 

"Decease" Brings out a totally different approach to Depressive Black Metal. With a touch of Sri Lankan Traditional Music and the sound of Old School Black Metal which makes Decease a unique release which holds Sri Lankan Originality. 

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