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DØDSENGEL set to release new album
DØDSENGEL - "Visionary"

Very few albums indeed manage to capture the Luciferian essence so well, as the debut DØDSENGEL CD. Coming from Ålesund, this band unifies the spirit of Norway with the sincerity and devotion, that the birth-country of Black Metal nowadays lacks. DØDSENGEL's "Visionary" offers a cold and furious storm of pure darkness and hatred for the Demiurge and his flawed creation, built upon chaotic, yet flawless, song structures and blackest magick, that dwells within its every single note.
The band went on to release several more albums and EPs since then, but the first album still stands aside for me. It might lack the producing quality of the releases, that followed, but the amount of raw energy it houses is simply outstanding. The moment I first put the original CD edition of "Visionary" into my audio system I felt the incredible darkness and the potential it has within. The torrent of energy it unleashed simply blew me away! That's why we are so proud to announce, that Daemon Worship Productions was selected to give a proper CD release to this masterpiece! With enhanced sound and the full version of "Void", previously only available on the LP version, as well as the coverart by Naas Alcameth of the NIGHTBRINGER fame, "Visionary" is truly a jewel of the Blackest Art!

DØDSENGEL is the elevated man, who sought power in the Void.

The CD shall be unleashed during the second decade of November 2011!

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