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Dodsfall, Ur Draugr, Myrkgrav, Usurpress, Entheogen, Phantasmal, Cvinger, reviews

Pest Webzine update:


Our writer Chris interviewed Sweden and Norway based Black Metallers DODSFALL


Blitz Quitz interview with Australia based Blackened Death Metallers UR DRAUGR


Blitz Quitz interview with Norge Folk Metal act MYRKGRAV


Swedish Death Metallers USURPRESS talking about their latest album, Ordained


Slovenian Post Metal band ENTHEOGEN discuss their new album, Moons of Jupiter


Thrash Black Metal act PHANTASMAL from USA talk about their debut demo, The Reaper's Forge


Slovenian Black Metallers CVINGER describing their debut album, The Enthronement ov Diabolical Souls


New reviews published HERE:

Acrimonia - Resurrection
Among Gods - Monument
Beyond Light - Paintings in the Hall
Dark Ravage - Fall of Inner Sanctum
Deatherapy - Look, We are Dying
Desert Near the End - Hunt for the Sun
Dimeless - White Lion
Eosphorus - Winds of Apep
Evil Emperor - Evil Emperor
Final Dawn - Become Death
Gory Blister - The Fifth Fury
HI-GH - Till Death and After
Humut Tabal - The Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm
Martyrvore - Obliteration
MDK / Expurgo - Sicko Brothers Tasting and Eating Corpses
Nerocapra - Mefisto Manna
Odium - The Science of Dying
Passion for Sorrow - Rotting Immortality
Porta Inferi - Out of the Difference
Purple Nail - Embrace the Dark
Sacro Sanctus - Deus Volt
Steny Lda - Beloe Bezmolvie
The Ersatz - Kill The False Inside You
Torrens Conscientium - All Alone With The Thoughts
Trigger - Under Hypnosis
Twilight - ...and with the Twilight, They Return
Ulcerous Phlegm - Phlegm as a Last Consequence
Without God - Circus of Freaks
Zephyra - Mental Absolution


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