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DRUNKNROLL released new album
23.02.12. - was released second official full-length album "On The Knife Blade" by Modern Heavy Metal band from Russia DRUKNROLL. Newest band’ release came out by efforts of Metal Scrap Records (Ukraine). Distribution will be held by CD Maksimum (Russia), Code 7 / Plastic Head Distribution (UK/World), Twilight-Vertrieb GbR (Europe/Japan/USA).

Metal Scrap Records, 2012 (MSR032/CD)

01.Лицом К Лицу/Face To Face
03.Свет Ночной Звезды/Light Of The Night Star
05.Живой Изгой/Live Outlaw
06.На Лезвии Ножа/On The Knife Blade
07.5 Секунд/5 Seconds
08.К Бесконечности/To Infinite
09.Не Убивай/Don’t Kill
10.Тучею Кружило/Whirl By Cloud
"Броуновское Движение/Brownian Motion" CD 2010, NewRock (RU)
"На Лезвии Ножа/On The Knife Blade" CD 2012, Metal Scrap Records (UA)
The band Druknroll is formed in Saratov (Russia) in 2006 as a solo-project of a musician called Druknroll. As a quite experienced musician he wanted to realize all the ideas that used to appear in his mind to create some songs. The first one was a self-produced single "Metal Night”. The sessions were recorded in Saratov studio "Metalhearts” when Druknroll was joined by members of local band "Darklord” – singer Alexander and drummer Peter. At first, they collaborated as session musicians but then joined the project as constant members. All the instruments with the exception of lead vocals and drums were recorded solely by Druknroll himself. The band didn’t want to stop with one single only and for few years worked with new material that emerged into a debut album "Brownian Motion” released during spring 2010 by Moscow label NewRock. While working in studio, Druknroll shot some promotional videos for the upcoming release – "The Raven”, "White Walls”, "This Is Your Life”. There was big support from local bikers who also acted in videos as actors. The songs of Druknroll since 2009 also appeared in annual Saratov independent music compilations "SIM” – "Don’t Murder”, "To infinity”, "On the Edge of a Knive”. In 2010 Druknroll with the help of Alexander, Peter and new guitarist and soundproducer Alex Knip started to record new material for a second album.
Album released at 23 February, 2012 by Ukrainian label Metal Scrap Records. Distribution will be held on March, 15 with CD-Maximum (Russia), on April, 2 by Code 7 / Plastic Head Distribution (UK/World), on April, 20 by Twilight-Vertrieb GbR (Europe/Japan/USA).

Drunknroll - guitars, bass, keys
Horror - vocal
Knip - solo-guitar, sound effects
Jester - drums

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