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EVILFEAST released new album
EVILFEAST Wintermoon Enchantment CD
Eerie Majestic Black Metal from Poland 

NYKTA is more than proud to present you the new Opus of EVILFEAST. A timeless Masterpiece of true epic grandeur. Majestic Black Metal Atmospheres and Haunted Ambience on the 4th full length album. Penetrating eerie synths and grim guitars with outbursts of fury. The lurking spirit of ancient times is here again enchanted by the Wintermoon which trembles Over the Eastern Mazovian Woods…

1. Intro: Open the Mysteries from Beyond 04:03
2. Fullmoon over the Eastern Woods 12:29
3. Tradition – Heritage – Destiny 08:41
4. The Wind & the Old Willows 08:37
5. Interlude: Passing the Meadows in Woe 05:29
6. Wolves of Hyperborean Frost 10:27
7. Summoning the Splendour Once Fallen 13:43
8. Outro: Descent into the Starlit Spheres 04:55

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