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Excommunicated offering free EP download
EXCOMMUNICATED Offers Free Digital EP Download

Louisiana blackened death metal outfit EXCOMMUNICATED is offering an EP of unreleased and demo material from the Skeleton Key sessions for free download. According to vocalist and Underworld Records chief Chad Kelly, "It is basically an EP of some odds and ends that didn't get used on Skeleton Key, as well as the band's demo material, all wrapped together and re-mastered.  I would like to just give it away to everyone and anyone who wants it, no strings attached." Get your copy here: www.sendspace.com/file/bqx92e
Skeleton Key, the debut from Louisiana's EXCOMMUNICATED is out now on Underworld Records. The release, which combines technical savagery, progressive melodies and the art of intelligent songwriting, is available for purchase at the Underworld Records E-Bay Store, as well as www.deathgasm.com and www.redstream.org.  
Compositionally dynamic, atmospherically insidious, and impossible to forget, this is Louisiana blackened death that lacerates the soul and burns into the brain. A dark treatise on the medieval Catholic Church, Skeleton Key is that rare metal album on which the lyrics (available upon request) are every bit as important as the music to the overall experience. A product of the combined influences of vocalist Chad Kelly (ex-CATHOLICON Underworld Records), guitarist/bassist Jason McIntyre (ex-SUTURE), guitarist/bassist Jonathan Joubert (PSYCHOMETRY, ex-DESPONDENCY), and session drummer David Kinkade (BORKNAGAR, ex-MALEVOLENT CREATION, ex-ARSIS), EXCOMMUNICATED brings a new level of sonic terror on Skeleton Key. Also featuring guest appearances by guitarist Andy LaRocque (KING DIAMOND, X-WORLD 5) and vocalist Vincent Crowley (ACHERON, WOLFEN SOCIETY), this one is destined to leave an indelible mark on death metal in 2011.

The Abandonment of Hope  
The Incorruptibles  
Cry to Heaven  
Minutes of the Corpse Trials  
The Vatican Orgies  
Christ's Sword  
When Death Claims its Most Righteous Dead  
The Birth of Tragedy  
Keys to the Kingdom of God  
The Sum of All Life's Pain

Jason McIntyre (guitar, bass)
Jonathan Joubert (guitar, bass)
Chad Kelly (lead vocals)
David Kinkade (session drums)
Excommunicated was formed in early 2010 by several veterans of the Louisiana metal scene, and out of the ashes of several other prominent Louisiana death metal bands.  Guitarist Jason McIntyre was a founding member of Suture (years active: 1995-2007), one of Louisiana's top brutal death metal acts.  Guitarist Jonathan Joubert was a founding member of Despondency (years active: 1993-2002), a melodic death metal band from the Lafayette area.  Vocalist/keyboardist Chad Kelly was a founding member of Catholicon (years active: 1994-2009), a black/death metal band from the Baton Rouge area.  
After their former groups each ran their course throughout the 2000's, Jason, Jonathan, and Chad began working on a new record together that would combine their various styles and influences.  The result was the Skeleton Key album; written in equal parts by the two guitarists, with the lyrics written by Chad.  The concept behind the album is a dark treatise on the medieval Catholic Church; centering on corruption, abuse, as well as strange and ghoulish habits.  The lyrical concept had originally been outlined in the late 2000's by Chad for a possible fifth Catholicon album; however by the time of Catholicon's demise in late 2009, the lyrics were for the most part still incomplete.  
Skeleton Key was recorded and mixed from mid 2010 to early 2011, between Carencro, LA (Forgotten Prophet Studio) and Baton Rouge, LA (UW Studio), and mastered in California by Maor Appelbaum.  Special appearances include a guest lead by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond, X-World 5) and a guest vocal by Vincent Crowley (Acheron, Wolfen Society).  Drums were performed by David Kinkade (Borknagar, Malevolent Creation, Arsis).  The band has expressed interest in writing a follow-up sequel to Skeleton Key in the near future, with the tentative title of The Exterminating Angel.
Member's select past discography:
Jason McIntyre:
Suture: 'Carnivorous Urge To Kill' (2002 Deepsend), 'The Sick, The Dead, The Rotten' (2003 The Spew), 'Demo(n)ology' (2004 Amputated Vein), 'Skeletal Vortex' (2007 Unmatched Brutality)
Jonathan Joubert:
Despondency: '1994 demo' (self-released), 'Obsolescence' (1997 LP, self-released), 'In Sorrow I Lie' (1999 EP, self-released) Psychometry: 'The Four Points' (2011 LP, self-released)
Chad Kelly:
Catholicon: 'Lost Chronicles of the War In Heaven' (1998 UW Records), 'The Death Throes Of Christianity' (2005 Negativity), 'Treatise On the Abyss' (2007 Negativity), 'Of Ages Past' (2009 UW Records) Satanist: 'Sadomasochrist' (2007 Negativity)
David Kinkade:
Borknagar: 'Universal' (2010 Indie Recordings), 'TBA' (2011 TBA)

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