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Fatal, Mercyless, The Passion of our Souls, Drakum, Desecrator, Corners of Sanctuary, Vholdghast

Pest Webzine update:


Leslie interviewed Tony Hamera from US based Thrash Death Metal band FATAL (active between '85 and '91)


Interview with French Thrash Death Metal legends MERCYLESS by Chris Forbes


Blitz Quitz interview with Finland based Melodic Pop Death Metal (!) band THE PASSION OF OUR SOULS


Blitz Quitz interview with Spanish Folk Death Metal band DRAKUM


Blitz Quitz interview with Australian Thrash Metallers DESECRATOR


Blitz Quitz interview with US based Traditional Heavy Metallers CORNERS OF SANCTUARY


Finnish Melodic Pop Death Metallers THE PASSION OF OUR SOULS talk about their new EP, Soulmates


Swedish Black Death Metallers VHOLDGHAST talk about their debut album Lat oss forbrinna


New reviews published HERE:

Achiote - Deimos
Aegeon - Nocturnal Glorification
Aphonic Threnody - When Death Comes
Beyond the Dust - Khepri
Bloodstained Ground - A Poem of Misery
Bone Alley - Demo
Buckshot Facelift - Living Ghosts of the North Shore
Coraxo - Starlit Flame II
Corte di Lunas - Lady of the Lake
Entrails Massacre - Alienation Anarchism
Ferrett - Year of the Ferrett
Gang - Inject the Venom
Grinder - Sirens
Gurd - Fake
Hegeroth - Three Emperors' Triangle
Hooded Menace - Gloom Immemorial
Inglorious - Eternal Chaos
Israthoum / Chalice of Blood / Monte Penumbra / Half Visible Presence - Ascetic Temples / Sacrament of Death / Downwards Deathmarch / One Is the Alignment of Shrines
Malkavian - Finisterian Dead End
Morbid Insulter - Funeral Mysticism
Mystic Rites - Grin as the Jewel Kingdom Falls
One Last Shot - First Gear
Phaze I - Uprising
Rictus Grin - Townies
Serpent Seed - Debris of Faith
Squidhead - Prohibition
The Morganatics - Never be Share of Your World
Trashmachine - Breaking through the Ranks
Unhold - Towering
Waiting For - The Hexen

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