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February 2017 update

Pest Webzine Update:

Interview with Italian Death Metal band EKPYROSIS




Interview with Blackened Death Metallers RITUALIZATION




Vintage interview with US based Doom Death Metal band SORROW




Interview with Heavy Doom Metal band VAMPYROMORPHA from Germany




Blitz Quitz interview with Ukrainian Blackened Death Metal act 1914




Blitz Quitz interview with US based Sludge Doom Metallers HOLLOW LEG




Blitz Quitz interview with Czech Progressive Thrash Death Metal combo SPREADING DREAD




Blitz Quitz interview with US based Stoner Doom Metal act TEMPTATION'S WINGS




Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Progressive Blackened Thrash Metal band TORREFY




Romanian Melodic Death Metal veterans GOTHIC present us their latest full-length album, Demons




New reviews published HERE:

Airbourne - Breakin’ Outta Hell
Arkona - Lunaris
Bleak Revelation - Afflictive Seclusion
Cardiac Arrest - Promo 2016
Coldborn - Lingering Voidwards
Crossbones - WWIII
Darkrypt - Delirious Excursion
Depeseblo - Nightmare Desolation
Heimdalls Wacht - Geisterseher
Heimsgard - Ordrag
Hellspawn - There Has Never Been a Son of Me
Irreverence - Raise Chaos - Live in Milan
Ketch - The Anthems of Dread
Kosmokrator - First Step Towards Supremacy
Liquid Graveyard - By Nature so Perverse
Miserist - Miserist
Misteyes - Creeping Time
Old Witch - Come Mourning Come
Ottone Pesante - Blasphemy Set In Stone
Percussor - Disturbing Reality
Putrefied Remains - The Enthronement
Rosario - And the Storm Surges
Selbst - An Ominous Landscape
Whipstriker - Only Filth Will Prevail
Winter Deluge - Devolution - Decay
Witchery Flames of Underground Lust #9

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