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February update

Pest Webzine update:

Interview with Canadian Blackened Death Metallers AUROCH

Interview with UK based Death Metallers HORRIFIED

Interview with Italy based Black Metal band IMAGO MORTIS

Interview with Costa Rican Extreme Metallers PAGANUS DOCTRINA

Interview with Norway based Thrash Death Metal band VIOLENT X

Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Power Metallers DEMISE OF THE CROWN

Blitz Quitz interview with US based Metallers ENSILENCED

Blitz Quitz interview with UK based Black Metallers FORMICARIUS

Blitz Quitz interview with Italy based Post-Hardcore Sludge Metallers HATE & MERDA

Blitz Quitz interview with US Thrash Doom Death Metal band KAOS REIGN

Blitz Quitz interview with French Thrash Death Metal band KOPPER8

Finnish Melodic Death Metal act A SOUL CALLED PERDITION talking about its debut album Into The Formless Dawn

Italian Post-Hardcore Sludge Metal band HATE & MERDA discussing about their second album, La Capitale Del Male

US based Thrash Doom Death Metal band KAOS REIGN talking about their most recent record, Screaming for Salvation

France based Thrash Death Metal band KOPPER8 present their debut album, Addiction

New reviews published HERE:

Against The Plagues - Purified Through Devastation
Bhayanak Maut - Man
Black Goat - V Years of Absolute Eclipse
Black Velvet Band - Pozoga
Cien - Ecce Homo
Cryptic Realms - Eve of Fatality
Cruadalach - Rebel Against Me
Dalriada - Aldas
Degial - Savage Mutiny
Exhumation - Opus Death
Hyperion - Seraphical Euphony
Kaira - Roots of Veles
Kosmokrator - To the Svmmit
Kulto Maldito - Jodete Jesus
Landskap - II
Last Decline - Escape
Midnight Callings - Pilgrims of the Black Hole
Mind Affliction - Into the Void
Morhana - When the Earth Was Forged
Nechochwen - Heart of Akamon
Ripper - Third Witness
Shadow Rebels - Oversleep Hurricane
Terrorhammer - Under the Unholy Command
Vulturine / Trono - Antigos Ritos da Neblina e da Lua Cheia
Windfaerer - Tenebrosum
Zaang - Perdition

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