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Goregast to release new album
FDA Rekotz to Release Goregast's Desechos Humanos on September 9th

FDA Rekotz is set to release Desechos Humanos from Death-Grind surgeons GOREGAST on September 9, 2011. The third album from these German maniacs is a direct attack against humanity's rotten core.  Expect a brutal mixture of old school styled Death Metal and bone-crushing Grindcore. Like General Surgery genetically mutated with Morgoth and Nihilist, Desechos Humanos is extreme metal of the highest quality.

Desechos Humanos  
1. Desechos Humanos
2. Puerco de Dinero
3. Honor The Dead
4. Corta la Coleta
5. Nice Guy Next Door
6. Necrophagic
7. The Boozer
8. Capa
9. Unslave Yourself

Rico Unglaube - vocals
Josch Stritzke - drums
Rico Krause - guitar
Steve Kleinert - guitar
Ronny Thiel - bass

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