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Graveborne to release debut album
NYKTA proudly presents GRAVEBORNE!

GRAVEBORNE – ‘PURE NEGATIVITY’ CD (out in a few nights…) 

Pure Negativity’ is the debut album of Finnish black metal outfit, Graveborne, founded in 2008 by guitarist Marchosias and drummer Pentele. Graveborne previously released one demo in 2009 entitled ‘Astride Over the Grave’, subsequently reissued on 10″ vinyl by Floga Records. ‘Astride Over the Grave’ obtained very positive reviews, with the music described as raw, fast, and even catchy black metal reminiscent of Marduk, Gorgoroth, Impaled Nazarene, early Emperor and Immortal.
2009 and 2010 saw Graveborne morph into a more hideous beast; Raato replaced Raivo on vocal duties, Graveborne performed an assortment of high-intensity live shows including Nummirock 2010, and then started to compose, rehearse and record the material for ‘Pure Negativity’.

Musically, ‘Pure Negativity’ delivers a much wider spectre of darkness than ‘Astride Over the Grave’ due to the cohesive and synergistic involvement of Marchosias, Pentele, Brutalust and Kalmo in crafting the songs. The blast beats are still there, faster than before, and the atmosphere still raw and gripping; Graveborne’s evolution is evidenced through heightened song structure complexity and development. The lyrical themes of the album dwell in different forms of negativity such as anti-Christian and anti-religious revelations, loss of faith, hope and humanity, despair, depression and suicide.

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