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Hat to release new album

HAT To Release Vortex Of Death On 1/24/2011

The two-man Black Metal outfit known as HAT (Norwegian for Hatred) are releasing the follow-up to last year's acclaimed The Demise Of Mankind this month on Abyss Records. Entitled Vortex Of Death, the band's second full-length release promises to deliver the same razor-sharp aural nihilism as its predecessor. Visit www.officialabyssrecords.com for HAT music and merchandise. 

Inhumanus Revelatio
Invocating Death
The Flesh I Wear
The Path to Immortality
Ultimate Evil
Slaves of Insanity

HAT was formed by Nevresch & Undertrykker in 1993 under the name RAVNER. They were inactive from 1996-2006, when they re-united under their new hateful moniker - playing Misanthropic Black Metal. After releasing the demo Livet Ebber ut in 2008 and their debut full-length The Demise of Mankind in 2009, they have followed a path deeper into darkness. From this darkness comes their second full-length Vortex of Death to be released by Abyss Records. Filled with chaos and destruction the album reflects and holds the energies that make HAT what it is.


Vortex of Death - 2011

The Demise of Mankind - 2009

Livet Ebber Ut (Demo)  - 2008

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