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Hellthrasher Productions re-released SHEMHAMFORASH's CDs

SHEMHAMFORASH - Luciferi Omnis Ysighda with Dolor Ante Lucem Dark Opera CD

SHEMHAMFORASH - Spintriam Satyriazis (Phallus Prestige) CD
A true legend of 90s underground for the first time officially released! Excavated straight from the grave SHEMHAMFORASH is back and ready to devastate and remind you about their majestic albums "Luciferi Omnis.." and "Spintraim Satyriazis". Their hymns will be soon available as 2 separate CD Albums with previously unknown bonus tracks from 2005 and 2007. 

The band's line-up consisted of such significant musicians as:

Rafallus – guitars (previously Necrolatry 93’ – 96’, Thorn 91’ - 93’, Disfiguring Triangle)
Krzysztof Artur Zagórowicz – bass guitars and vocals (Lost Soul, Necrolatry 94’ – 96’, Thorn 91’ – 93’)
Adam Sierżęga – drums (Lost Soul, Armagedon and others)
Necrosodom – vocals (Anima Damnata, Azarath and others)
Necrolucas – Anima Damnata, Mord

And lots more.
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