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Horror movie soundtrack featuring Wrath Passion


Music by Norwegian Black Metallers WRATH PASSION is featured on the soundtrack of "The Back Room”, the horror film that has recently seen its DVD release in the USA and Canada.  Produced by 3DT Productions, "The Back Room” pays homage to the Grindhouse Thrillers popularized in New York City in the 1970′s, and which have recently seen a resurgence in popularity thanks to film makers like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriquez. The film is a disturbing, gore-filled journey into the mind of a serial killer, whilst the soundtrack uses heavy metal and industrial music from WRATH PASSION as well as CONTROL THE CHAOS and I AM THE MESSENGER to enhance the frightening visual scenes. 

WRATH PASSION was formed by Daniel Markussen in Lofoten, Norway, on the7th July 2007,  as a means to express his own unique understanding of life - the name WRATH PASSION for instance is, according to Markussen, simply an anagram for "Worship Satan".  The band’s line up today is formed of two members, Markussen, who plays all instruments, and vocalist Anton van Niekerk (VERKRAG). Layers of hidden, or occult, knowledge are used to create an atmosphere in WRATH PASSION’s music that is blacker and deeper than mere Satanism.  But Markussen himself is an intense and committed musician who never loses sight of the fact that it is the music itself that is important, and it is this combination of sinister atmosphere and musical skill that makes WRATH PASSION’s music an ideal choice for the darker genre of film. 

The band’s  involvement with the film started in March of 2010 when 3DT’s Tim Stover, who, having heard some of the band’s music, contacted Markussen about the possibility of using some of WRATH PASSION’s music, and a couple of months later chose the track "Black Hole” to feature in "The Back Room”.  The music for "Black Hole” is written and performed by Markussen, whilst the lyrics and vocals are performed by van Niekerk.  The track is also expected to be included on an upcoming album from WRATH PASSION.

Below you can see the official video for the WRATH PASSION track "Black Hole

Below you can see the official trailer for "The Back Room” (trailer includes scenes of blood, violence and nudity)

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