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HOUR OF PENANCE set to record new album

Italian death metal band, HOUR OF PENANCE will enter Cellar Studio in Rome with producer Stefano Morabito on October 16 to record their Prosthetic Records debut, and fifth album overall.
Guitar player Giulio Moschini commented: "Following the tradition of releasing an album every two years, the time has come now and we're ready to hit the studio and record our fifth album. You've probably read the same words million of times on band's press releases so I will not tell you how much better this album sounds and how much faster and more technical it is compared to the last one we did -- but we're fucking proud of this upcoming beast, and we're sure you guys will love it! We know how much our fans are expecting from the new album, so we worked as hard as we could to not disappoint any of them. Moreover, as some of you know, this will be the first album with a new lineup, and as you can imagine having a new singer and a new drummer helped us to renew and improve our sound once again. This will be like the rebirth of Hour of Penance!"

The band will be posting updates on their official Facebook page; "Like" the page now to keep up to speed!  The new album is the follow up to last year's "Paradogma" (on Unique Leader) and will see a release in early 2012. More details regarding the release will be announced in the coming weeks.
Forged in the dark shadows of "The Holy Capital," this most unholy of quartets have steadily been making a name for themselves as one of the most intense, talented and impressive, both in the studio and live onstage, modern death metal bands around.
HOUR OF PENANCE spent most of the spring and summer touring the European festival circuit as well as a tour with DEICIDE, BELPHEGOR and THE AMENTA.
Unleashing a likely tour de force in maniacal death metal brutality, a celebration of music in its darkest and most inhuman form and with a brand new worldwide signing to Prosthetic Records, HOUR OF PENANCE have ascended to an even greater height of precision and savagery. Every population has its cancer, every movement its enemies. Be the wolf amongst the flock. Embrace the barbarity!
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