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In Solitude to release new album

Occult Heavy Metallers IN SOLITUDE reveal tracklisting and cover artwork for new album 'The World. The Flesh. The Devil'!
Swedish occult Heavy Metallers IN SOLITUDE have revealed the tracklisting and cover artwork for their upcoming new album The World. The Flesh. The Devil due for release on May 20/23 via Metal Blade Records in Europe!

The World. The Flesh. The Devil has been recorded in Nicke Anderson's (Hellacopters) brand new studio Gutterview Recorders in Stockholm, Sweden with producer Fred Estby (Dismember, Death Breath) at the helm.

The World. The Flesh. The Devil features 8 songs clocking in at 58 minutes!

Comments the band: "One and a half year has passed since we started writing the album. It's not much, I guess, but it feels like a lifetime. And we are still quite amazed of how life-threatening and beautiful this piece of work turned out. We don't want anyone to expect anything besides growth - which is essential, musically and lyrically. And it will speak for itself.

I guess we were doing things more "point-blank" when it came to the songs on the last record. It´s still the same procedure when we record, of course, but in a larger spectrum, yet with far more focus. And this way we've been able to really make the experience go far deeper, and we've made it larger, to an extent where it really communicates with the emotion and the energies that drives us. The material did communicate on the last record as well, of course it did, but this time it´s almost more of a communion rather than a communication. This time around we've had far more knowledge about (and at one with) the emotion and energies that drives us. It´s a beautiful thing.

It is very hard to explain the nature of making a record. But it was a really great experience. It really felt like we were packing our bags and gathering ourselves before leaving this place forever. On burnings paths into the night we can´t wait to share that trip with everyone."

Track listing 'The World The Flesh The Devil':
1. The World the Flesh the Devil
2. We Were Never Here
3. Serpents are Rising
4. Poisoned, Blessed and Burned
5. Demons
6. To Her Darkness
7. Dance of the Adversary
8. On Burning Paths

Niklas Lindström - Guitar
Henrik Palm - Guitar
Gottfrid Åhman - Bass
Uno Bruniusson - Drums
Pelle Åhman – Vocals

IN SOLITUDE formed in 2002, under an Uppsala Moon, where the spirits of ancient evil and old metal are summoned and celebrated. The cloaks of Swedes Niklas Lindstrom (guitar), Uno Bruniusson (drums), Gottfrid Ahman (bass) and Henrik Helenius (guitar / vocals) rose within a circle of fire and gave birth to the band IN SOLITUDE. Tones of below and voices from the deep beyond enlightened the eve. At dawn a new entity will have arisen although a year would pass before it would ride out.

Enter 2003, a feared and forceful enigma would soon be drawn to this flame; Hornper (vocals) had arrived. By the dark light of the morning star, the five bad points of IN SOLITUDE, who hail from Uppsala Sweden (the same town as Watain & Invidious) cast their first shadows. In 2004, IN SOLITUDE released the band's first self-titled demo, filled with the incipient verses and music from the new beast. Copies soon dissipate into smoke.

In 2005 guitarist/vocalist Henrik Heleius strays off the burning path. The silhouette of another takes form and Mattias Gustafsson is conjured to enrich the sonic spells of these children of the night. In 2006 the band released the second demo Hidden Dangers, which breathes the night air briefly as it too, quickly dissipates into the aura of the European metal nightscape.

In 2008, Sweden's S.M.P. Records released the EP Hidden Dangers as a 7" which quickly sold out. Under this same cycle, the band unleashes their nameless 8 song, full-length debut in the form of a CD on Pure Steel Records and cast in wax on High Roller Records. Captured at Burlesco Studios, the same as the demos, this now famous debut was produced by Hasse Bruniusson. The heat of the album spread throughout the land as both versions rapidly saw represses.

Heeding to a growing following, especially in Germany and their home country of Sweden, IN SOLITUDE embarked on a handful of European tours. Touted festivals also witnessed this glorious new beast, namely Keep It True, Up the Hammers, Pounding Metal, Metal Magic and Hell's Pleasures festivals. Amidst these heighted tiers however, another member grievingly falls, and by the end of 2009 Mattias Gustafsson returned to the mist wherein he came.

2010 saw IN SOLITUDE signing a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records. This is also the year that Henrik Psalm, vocalist and guitarist for the heavy punkers Sonic Ritual, passes the trials by fire and thus a new fury rises within the horde.

In November of 2010 the horde entered Nicke Anderson's (HELLACOPTERS) brand new studio Gutterview Recorders in Stockholm, Sweden with producer Fred Estby (DISMEMBER, DEATH BREATH) to record The World. The Flesh. The Devil, which will see the day of light on May 20/23 in Europe, May 24 in North America!

Follow the Owl. Follow your own burning blood into the night!

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