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INCANTATION announce details on upcoming album
Members of INCANTATION Speak Out

Members of US death metal pioneers Incantation have issued a number of statements regarding the status of their long-awaited upcoming release and the unfortunate passing of former bass player, Joey "Fingers" Lombard. 

On the new album...

"I have known John McEntee for about 23 years now. I am going back to a time when there was only a handful of us that played our dark extreme secret music.Things have changed since then and there is a much larger audience, but the hunger is still there for us to create the darkest extreme songs we can come up with. Incantation is one of the oldest bands who wave that dark sinister flag proudly. It is awesome after all these years to now be playing and writing together with John on the new material. I am more then confident that the new Incantation record is going to crush your skulls. In my opinion this is one of the band's darkest and most brutal collection of songs to date and it is my my honor and privilege to be working with two of death metals fineset players in Kyle Severn and Chuck Sherwood.Unleash the blood of the goat!" - Alex Bouks

"We are currently working on our new album , which we have about 80% finished. We have a lot more ideas to work on. I am very happy with the way things are coming together. Kyle, Chuck, Alex and I have killer songwriting chemistry and there is such a high quality of musicianship. This is an amazingly strong line up that truely understands the essence of Incantation's music. Watch out for the new album this year and a list of a few festival performances will be announced soon." - John McEntee

On the tragic death of former bassist Joey "Fingers" Lombard who passed away on January 3rd, 2012... 

"As most of you know, the Incantation family has been dealing with the tragic loss of our former bassist and friend Joey "Fingers" Lombard. It's still really difficult to believe that Joey is gone. He was truly a great guy and an awesome and dedicated bandmember. Joey's contribution to the band will never be forgotten. We are fortunate to have written a lot of music with him, so in songs his legacy will live on.  Please understand this is a really hard time for the Incantation family and friends along with the Lombard family. Thanks for all the tributes and condolences for Joey, it really means a lot to us. - John McEntee

"I wanted to Thank everyone for their condolences for our fallen brother in metal and great friend Joey" Fingers" Lombard. Joey was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. Joey had stepped up to the plate and joined John McEntee and myself back in 2000 to create some of Incantations finest Blasphemy to date!!! He stuck with us for 5 plus long years of writing and traveling the death metal roads!! He was an amazing musician and bass player. He had contributed more than most could imagine to the death metal scene. He had made many new friends through those years on the road, he was such a likable guy. I don't think he had a mean bone in his body. He will be truly missed. 666 Horns to my Fallen Brother of Metal..." - Kyle Severn

Bassist Chuck Sherwood also chimed in about Incantation's recent appearance at the Gathering of the Bestial Legion...

"Forward into battle again we arrived at the Iron Room of the Echoplex in LA sharing a stage with the likes of many renowned and respectable bands. Our set encompassed our whole catalog of hellish mayhem which was received well by the 700+ who attended. Amazing and energetic crowd that makes LA such a intense location. With the terrible loss of a war brother namely Joe Lombard the whole band felt it was only fitting to dedicate not just Hailed Babylon (which Joe had his hands in forging) but the whole set to his memory. I think that I speak for all that the loss was great. I personally hope this honored him in true metal fashion. Autopsy whom we haven't witnessed since Holland's own Neurotic Deathfest were nothing short of amazing. Their delivery of old classics and new material proved once again that they still hold the banner high for death metal. Next, Divine Eve, after two years since our tour together came to LA. Definitely killer to cross paths again which I think was shared by all in both bands. They slaughtered the crowd with their performance of a full spectrum, unique style that only they can pull off with such grace. Their new drummer is an excellent addition that only added to their ferocious nature. HOD from TX with their new drummer as well, which I never saw before that night proved that they're as tight and powerful as they've ever been. And of course Acheron who's blasphemy spread like a sulfuric wave that crashed on the west coast that night. We were surrounded by a gang of heathens that formed the LA Crew that helped us through every step of the way. Whether it was paying our respects to Ronnie James Dio's grave or visiting the house that was filmed for the original Halloween it was an amazing time had by all. A long standing memory will now be burned into my brain of Vince from Acheron climbing into one of the open sarcophagi at the cemetery. Or when Beer from HOD stage-dove during Divine Eve's set. Great times had by all! Looking forward to our new conquest which should bring us into the studios soon. Hails to everyone involved, old comrades and new, that made LA such a success!" 

As Incantation continues to work hard on new material in hopes for a 2012 release, the band has released something to tide fans over in the form of a brand new track (the first studio release in 6 years) as part of the After Party Massacre CD Soundtrack and  Limited Edition 7 Inch Bloodsplatter Vinyl -  click here to hear a sample of the track!

Along with the new Incantation material, Kyle has also finished up with his first foray into the cinema realm with a new horror/slasher movie called After Party Massacre. Co-written/co-directed with Kristoff Bates (of Horrormerch.com), this slasher starts with live performances by Incantation and Soulless, which then takes a deadly turn after the bands are finished as this UNRATED movie is filled with blood, scantly clad female flesh and lots of death metal!   
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