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ISRATHOUM set to release new album

Created beyond the threshold of consciousness and inspired by ancient teachings of the Infernal metaphysical Qlippothic regions, ISRATHOUM is the compendium of misanthropic conspiracy, cold forged in disused mineshafts as sharp-edged bottomless Black Metal... The invisible spear... An obscure and limitless supernatural barrier... A weapon to His Will. ISRATHOUM was formed in Portugal in 1992 by the initial trio of Arvath, Arluth Dhu and VxInfr. During the next several years the band continues to evolve and shape, until finally assuming its current moniker in 1998, which also coincides with the band's relocation to the Netherlands. In 2001 ISRATHOUM releases "Hatred (demo)" and, one year later, "The Art Of Malice" MCD sees the light of day. In 2004 "Black Scenery Avatar" is released. Several years later W.uR joins on guitars and with his help the band records "Monument Of Brimstone", which eventually brings a contract with Spinefarm and the worldwide release of the album takes place in 2009. But, as the time passes things change, so the band decides to move on and seek new opportunities to spread its poison. And so, in 2011 ISRATHOUM inks a deal with Daemon Worship Productions for their second full-length album, entitled "Black Poison and Shared Wounds". With its line-up reduced to a trio of Arvath, W.uR and VxInfr, the band is stronger than ever! At different points of their career sharing the stage with such entities as MARDUK, SECRETS OF THE MOON, HELHEIM, SOLSTAFIR, CODE, ZEMIAL, ALTAR OF PLAGUES and DESASTER, and featuring members of such bands as PERDITOR and AB IMO PECTORE among others, ISRATHOUM is prepared to take the world by force!


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