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January 2017 update

Pest Webzine update:



Vintage interview with New York based Doom Thrash Death Metal combo APPARITION



Interview with Portland, Oregon based Thrash Death Metallers DEAD CONSPIRACY



Interview with SYMPHONY X bass master Mike LePond



Interview with Czech Pagan Metallers PANYCHIDA



Double vintage interview with legendary THE BOOK OF ARMAGEDDON FANZINE editors: Ed Farsthey and Mark Sokoll



Interview with Canadian Death Metal band TOMB MOLD



Blitz Quitz interview with Russian Ambient Doom Black Metal project ABIGORUM



Blitz Quitz interview with Canada based Thrash Metal combo DARK MESSIAH



Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Progressive Heavy Metal band FLIDAIS



Blitz Quitz inetrview with Italian Death Metal project GOLDEN RUSK



Blitz Quitz interview with Greek Thrash Death Grind outfit HOSTAGE OF FATE



Blitz Quitz interview with Dutch Blackened Death Metallers SLECHTVALK



Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Technical Melodic Thrash Metallers TERRIFIER



Blitz Quitz interview with Canada based Speed Thrash Death Metal band TYRANTS BLOOD



Blitz Quitz interview with Polish Progressive Death Metallers YOUDASH



Psychedelic Black Doom Metal project ABIGORUM present us its most recent split with CRYOSTASIUM, Unholy Ghost Liturgy



Italian Death Metal project GOLDEN RUSK present us its debut album, What will become of us?



Greek Thrash Death Grind outfit HOSTAGE OF FATE talk about their most recent release, III - To Bring you Back



New reviews published HERE:

Aggressive Mutilator - Kill a Million
Anticipate / Pandemic Genocide - Nightmareland
Anticlockwise - Raise Your Head
Aratron - Darkness is Coming
Astral Winter - Forest of Silence
Balfor - Black Serpent Rising
Centrate - Ritual
Deadlife - Porphyria
Deadspace - Gravity
Decrepid - Osseous Empire
Desert Near The End - Theater of War
Deus Ignotus - Hexapterygon
Diabolical Principles - The Final Step Before the Dawn
Fable - To Glory Unknown
Fornace - My Journey Is Ending But the Torment Will Be Eternal
Hessian Wolf Children - The Hessian Wolf Children
Hurz - Hurz
In My Embrace - Black Waters Deep
Into The Nethermost - Chronicles from the Black Bile
Kafirun - The Worship and Glorification of Holy Death
Karg - Weltenasche
Karma Rassa - Talks to Innerself
Kerker - Ban All Lights
Khaospath - ...for the Devil Speaks the Truth
L'Homme Absurde - Monsters
Lucid Dream - Otherworldly
Macabre Omen - The Ancient Returns (re-release)
Marianas Rest - Horror Vacui
Metalobos - Arte Macabro
Morphium - The Blackout
Natvre's - Wrath
Nekrape - The Hypostasis of the Archons
Nerodia - Vanity Unfair
Path of Desolation - Where the Grass Withers
Precipitation - The Power of...
Rudra - Enemy the Duality
Scum - Humana
Second To Sin - Blackbound
Szept - Krzyk czarnej ziemi
Talesien - Talesien
Temtris - Enter The Asylum
The Descent - The Coven of Rats
Ufosonic Generator - The Evil Smoke Possession
Veonity - Into the Void
Vultures Vengeance - Where the Time Dwelt in
Yarast - Tunguska 1908

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