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January Update

Pest Webzine update:


Interview with Finland based Black Death Metallers ILLUSIONS DEAD


Interview with Polish Black Metallers KAOSKULT


Interview with Germany based Progressive Death Metallers STEORRAH


Blitz Quitz interview with Italian Symphonic Gothic Metallers BLEEDING ZERO


Blitz Quitz interview with Greek Death Metallers CARNAL GARDEN


Blitz Quitz interview with US based Heavy Power Metal band ETERNAL VOYAGER


Blitz Quitz interview with Ukraine based Thrash Death Metallers HELL:ON


Blitz Quitz interview with Australian Heavy Doom Metallers LUCIFER'S FALL


Blitz Quitz interview with US based Traditional Heavy Metallers MALICE


Blitz Quitz interview with Sweden based Melodic Black Death Metallers MIDNIGHT RITES


Blitz Quitz interview with Swedish Industrial Black Metal act PLUTONIUM


Blitz Quitz interview with US based Old-School Thrash Metallers SHALLOW GROUND


Blitz Quitz interview with Colombian Raw Black Metal band TZELMOTH


Blitz Quitz interview with Chilean Thrash Metallers WARCHEST


Canadian Black Metal heathens AVITAS talk about their new full-length album, Pioneers


Italian Symphonic Gothic Metal band BLEEDING ZERO present us their latest EP, Scenophiliac


Ukraine based Thrash Death Metal champions HELL:ON present us their latest album, Once Upon a Chaos


US based Old-School Thrash Metallers SHALLOW GROUND talk about their latest full-length, Embrace The Fury


Colombian Raw Black Metal act TZELMOTH present its newest release, Rehearsal - XII-I-MMXV


New reviews published HERE:

Akashah - Eagna na Marbh
Awake The Sun - The Barren Sleep
Dalla Nebbia - Felix Culpa
Gang - Live is All
Hellwaffe - Worship of Anxiety
Idis Orlog - The Spiral Tide of Seasons
Pagan Flame - Symbole de Vie et de Lumiere
Pedophile Priests - Dark Transgression of the Soul
Phobos Preacher - Asfixia
Plutonium - Born Again Misanthrope
Real Chaos - Consumo interiore
Tankrust - The Fast of Solace

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