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June 2017 update

Pest Webzine update: 

"All the good names are taken so we threw shit in a blender and chose the one with the most putrid stench: DESEKRYPTOR!!!" - DESEKRYPTOR interview



"it’s the typical Death Metal related themes. It can be just about entrails or something more science fiction about worlds absorbed by obscurity" - MORBID FLESH interview



"We’re heavily influenced by early thrash, black and death metal, as well as a lot of progressive music, be it jazz, rock or metal." - A FLOURISHING SCOURGE Blitz Quitz interview



"Our sound is a unique coalescence of modern black, atmospheric and death metal." - A MOURNFUL PATH Blitz Quitz interview



"We blend elements of bay area thrash, metal and punk all into one blender." - ANGERHEAD Blitz Quitz interview



"Exploring the energy of multiple genres has always been ingrained in our writing process, though, we do tend to gravitate towards metal." - ASCENTIA Blitz Quitz interview



"We are a band that really offers a unique take on rock and metal itself." - CONTRA Blitz Quitz interview



"We are dedicated to our craft and have a decent working knowledge of how to do this thing called Rock ‘n’ Roll." - CROWN OF EARTH Blitz Quitz interview



"we are hard workers - we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get dirty. We are not the type of people that sit on our asses and wait for someone to hand us everything on a silver platter." - CRYOSHOCK Blitz Quitz interview



"We don't sound exactly like any other band--or that's what we've been told." - DEAD ASYLUM Blitz Quitz interview



"I dig thrash and incorporate jazz and classical composition styles into what I do where I can." - DEATH ON FIRE Blitz Quitz interview



"My favorite part about our band is that we disregard any and all standards. We play what the hell we think sounds good." - DRUDE Blitz Quitz interview



"I would describe my style as a mix of Doom and Black Metal." - ENDLESS VOYAGE X Blitz Quitz interview



"Enisum music is inspired by Nature, Desolation cohabitation between man nature and desolation" - ENISUM Blitz Quitz interview



"Alex was a tenor, Marco is the singer of a grind/hardcore band (Sumera), Miki is a black metal fan, Danilo loves 70s prog and Cristiano is a real 70s hard rock drummer" - FROM THE DUST RETURNED Blitz Quitz interview



"We play oriental metal (subgenre of folk metal), which is a mix of heavy music with middle eastern elements" - IGNEA Blitz Quitz interview



"We are a high energy “Live” Band, we are hungry and ready to Rock!" - LOVE N WAR Blitz Quitz interview



"The inspiration behind our very band name is based on the Boston Molasses Disaster, as is the subject matter of the EP song ‘Rotten Teeth’." - MORASS OF MOLASSES Blitz Quitz interview



"Our goal is to maintain our intensity and draw people in with that energy, and we do just that every time." - NUCLEAR OATH Blitz Quitz interview



"We always wanted to sound unique by doing what we wanted, not because it was supposed to be done “that way”!" - ORDOXE Blitz Quitz interview



"More than by single bands I'm influenced by the history and the cultural heritage of my land, by art in general and by various sensations that I feel every day." - SELVANS Blitz Quitz interview



"I would describe our style as heavy metal in the traditional style such as Priest, Metal Church, Tony Martin era Sabbath just to name a few of the bands over the years that fall into the styles that create our latest album Battle Call." - SEVENTH CALLING Blitz Quitz interview



"Austin's metal scene is kind of burgeoning at the moment and we're stoked to be a part of it." - SIGIL Blitz Quitz interview



"We’re a tight band, very entertaining live show, and always up for touring." - SLAGDUSTER Blitz Quitz interview



"It’s basically us trying to sound like some grand orchestra from another dimension - all with the help of guitars, drums bass and vox and some synths." - TID Blitz Quitz interview



"our drummer El Charlo is going to leave us ‘couse he want to change sex..you’ll find him (her) soon at the red light neighbourhood in Montpellier" - UNDERBALL Blitz Quitz interview



"Our style is heavily influenced by the second wave of black metal. The early Norwegian scene – with bands like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Burzum, etc. – is such a huge influence on our sound and our aesthetic." - UNHOLY BAPTISM Blitz Quitz interview



"The new material will be a cohesive collection of material showing the true potential of our chemistry together as musicians." - UNITED Blitz Quitz interview



"If you're into powerful, twisting music with hooks, we are the band for you!" - VANLADE Blitz Quitz interview



"Metal, Thrash, Punk..... I think it sounds in the vein of Hardcore, with maybe a little Pantera/Megadeth influences thrown in." - ANGERHEAD Fresh Assaults interview



"Lyrically, as a band, we are very proud of one song in particular and that would be “Born Again Warrior” as it turned out to be a dedication to the men and women of United States Armed Forces." - CROWN OF EARTH Fresh Assaults interview



"Our music can be described as thrashy death metal with some various metal influences." - CRYOSHOCK Fresh Assaults interview



"The music is all horror movie inspired grind core and some fucking around with synths to get an old school synth wave feel." - DELLAMORTE Fresh Assaults interview



"Though most noticed some Devin Townsend influences on the overall, all agreed to say it brings a fresh and interesting soundscape ponctuated with symphonic and choirs touches up to enhance the groovy and mostly chuggy riffing all along!" - FRANK X Fresh Assaults interview



"The music is a unsuspecting fist in the face of of the unsuspecting masses!" - FUNERAL HEARSE Fresh Assaults interview



"The new release Battle Call, is a solid heavy metal release that calls to the traditional side of heavy metal." - SEVENTH CALLING Fresh Assaults interview



"Really, we are such an unknown name, we’re even below the underground." - UNHOLY BAPTISM Fresh Assaults interview



"I would describe the music as a cross between Queensryche, Dokken and a hint of Iron Maiden. All related to those bands in that era of this recording." - UNITED Fresh Assaults interview



"It is an album of classic hard rock/heavy metal songs played in a more intense style." - VANLADE Fresh Assaults interview



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