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Le Crepuscule du Soir Prod. News
News from Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions (http://lecrepusculedusoir.yolasite.com/)

Vranorod - Vranorod - CD - 500 copies 
Vranorod represents a reflection of a world through music. Therefore, Vranorod reflects nature in all forms- human, non-human and super-human. Vranorod approach to the theme from the point of view of a spiritualist captured in a world of materialism and that, naturally, must result with a strong melancholic touch to the music and lyrics themselves. This music is dedicated to those who search for wisdom in every single atom of this world and beyond. 

Fethuruz - And nature begins - CD 
Melancholic and depressive black metal from Venezuela. An album dedicated to the nature! 

Sadael - Anlipnes - Split CD 
Digipack with two doom metal bands. Sadael a pure funeral doom metal and Anlipnes, majestic doom death 

Saturn Form Essence - NGC 666: Galaxy in triangulum 
CDR - Limited to 50 copies Special packaging with a jakebox Awesome dark space ambient from Ukraine 

Omen - Darkness shall prevail 
Old black/thrash metal from Malaysia including 13 songs. Slim DVD case + 4 pages booklet 

(((0))) - Animals Digisleeve 6 panels- Limited to 100 copies 
Avant garde posmodroom (posmodernist-drone and doom) and ambient music 

Moloch - In einer umarmung von tiefen kalten waldern Digisleeve- Limited to 100 copies 
Atmospheric dark ambient 

Vollmond - The crypt under the universe Limited edition / New edition - Depressive black metal from Italy (Blaze of Sorrow member) 

Upcoming release in february/march 

Suicidal Nihilism - Within the insane asylum - CD 
Depressive post black metal from Italy 

Arvakh - Art.1 - La Haine par dessus - MCD - 500 copies
Hatred, Filth, Perdition, Pessimism, Rejection, Nonsense of the existence… Hate, Spit, Vomit, Undergo, Howl, but never to bow down, and remain upright in Hatred and the adversity. 
Awesome hate black metal with different touches of metal...

Draugurinn - Myrkraverk - CD - 500 copies 
Draugurinn is back with a new album, "Myrkraverk", more organic, more sombre... A pure nordic shamanic and ritual opus. The time has come to reveal some news considering the upcoming release "Myrkraverk". You can listen a demo-version of a new song by the name of "Nornaskapur" (which roughly translates to Sorcery, Witchcraft etc.). http://www.myspace.com/draugurinn 

IMBER LUMINIS - Life as Burden - CD 
IMBER LUMINIS is a music project formed by D (Yhdarl, Deviant Messiah, DunkelNacht, etc) in 2006. The music style is between melancholic, melodic and guts-taking suicidal rock, or metal. This is not a Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal band. 

Sghor - Maranathata - Digipack 
Famous dark ambient from Poland
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