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Le Crepuscule du Soir Productions announce new releases
Le Crépuscule du Soir Productions presents two albums for November, original sound, frozen and mysterious music!! 

Turdus Merula - Mentem Recipere and Mhönos - Humiliati 

Turdus Merula - Mentem Recipere - CD - unlimited 
"The concept on this album is a journey to the underworld and back again. Atmospheric, kind of doom-inspired, but still with some energy and speed. With Ulf (Korpblod) on drums." 

Árni (from Skendöd, Árstíðir lífsins, Carpe Noctem etc) made the mix and mastering of this new opus of Turdus Merula
Songs list: 
1. Descencus 
2. Casus 
3. Adventus 
4. Cursus 
5. Reditus 
6. Ascensus 
7. Gnosis 

Mhönos - Humiliati - CD - 500 copies 
Ritualistic doom from France 
Necropiss from The Arrival Of Satan will appear on the next album, the recording sessions are planed for the next summer. 
Artwork made Samuel Antonin and Mhönos. 
"Mysterious, ritualistic drones made through bass layers, amplifier worship, possessed chants and Burzum-inspired ambiance, Mhönos emerges from his crypt during year MMX to offer his bewitching liturgy to the mass. Dark and bright, ugly and beautiful, overwhelming, uplifting, melodic and droning at times, ritual issued by Mhönos aback and sometimes mixes the horror and the esoteric. Low frequences and tortured voices reign in supreme masters in the unstructured reptation, throbbing and disorder, thorned at irregular intervals by hypnotic psalms scended by haunted voices." 
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