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LEGION OF CROWS to release debut album
Funeral Rain Records Poisons Mankind with Legions of Crows' Stab Me

Though born in Christian circumstance and hand withered by wrinkled nunnery, (oft confused with education and an advantaged introduction to the misery of this rusted orb...) Legions of Crows are disgusted by life and alienated from it. Their nihilism is palpable: hatred and misanthropy drip like blood from the finger tips of a serial killer. They lean at a fierce angle to the Universe. Everybody needs a hobby.
Debut album Stab Me represents an admixture of Necro Black Metal, Traditional Doom and Northern European Hymnody. Wrought in the rancid atmosphere of decayed agriculture, lime pits and anaerobic lagoons, smeared in pig slurry and gloom by the putrid members of the collective as they huddle for warmth in a disused hog confinement unit in the shadow of Stonehenge whilst glowering out at druids, hippies and other deluded fools, Stab Me is the sound of crushing infant skulls to the sledge hammer beat of a funeral march for the damned...

Provident Hymn
Fellating The Lamb
Carrion Pond Drove
Legions Of Crows
Bullshit Acres
Dull Grey
Coventry Carol 

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