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LEGION OF TORTURE zine out now
… after 666 centuries and "seas of blood" spilled… LEGION OF TORTURE ZINE - ISSUE 3... IS UNLEASHED!!!

Horendous Executions with:
Abhorrot (AUS) - Obscure Death Metal!
Calígula (PAR) - Violent and Primitive Black/Thrash Metal!
Demonic Cremator (SCO) - Twisted Black/Speed Metal!
Paganfire (PHI) - Aggressive Thrash Metal!
Sartegos (GAL/SPA) - Inverted Black Metal!
-Evokation of the cursed hordes from the Almighty Uku-Pacha (PERU):
Croix Mortis - Sinister and Ritualistic Black/Death Metal Imprecation!
Disinter - Classical SoulGrinder mid-90s Death Metal!
Evil Spectrum - Malefic and Chaotic Black/Thrash Metal!
Necrofagore - Gorified and Rotten Death Metal!

6 Local and International "Live Torture" reports (Disaster, Suffocation, Monstrosity, Croix Mortis / Blacker / Death Invoker, Slayer / Mortem; Infernal Curse)!!! More than 100 Deadly reviews!!!

32 xeroxed pages, A4 size, English written, Minimalistic lay-out (small font: size 5 – 6 of PC).
Die for only: 4 Euros or 5 US dollars + shipping (write to calculate the mercenary postage!!!).
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