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LEVANIA signed with Dreamcell11
Italian Gothic Metal band Levania have signed a deal with  Dreamcell11/Aural Music Group for the release their debut album "Parasynthesis"

The album, that includes 10 very original tracks with a sound never listened before,  was recorded and  mixed  in December 2010 at Zenith Recording Studios in Italy and produced by Frank Andiver. The mastering was taken care of Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios in Finland. The artwork and photos for the album was made by Patrizia Cogliati of Musicphoto Designs.

Levania is enthusiastic to annunce the signing with Dreamcell11 of Aural group. For us it’s the best opportunity to make known to all the world who we are and listen to it how deep is our sound. After some years playing and three demos recorded in studio, under label Dreamcell11, it will be released our first full lenght album entitled "Parasynthesis”.
Parasynthesis is a conceptual synthesis that expresses the essence of the notion of gothic-metal, a sort of definition of the absolute meant as a union of opposites in a complementary dichotomy in love-death that has its roots in the twentieth century and romanticism.
The two opposites that can be seen in the various songs on the album are not static but rather  charged with different tones and details gradually, starting from a lack of erotic boost seen as the beginning of everything (Agharti I), through  a wild and emotional research about what is missing from our completeness (Agharti II, Basteth's Kiss, Midnight of Silence), through anger (The Narrow Way of Juliette, Carthago Nova), despair (Sibyl of the Dark), beliefs  (Natural Motion) and the acceptance of this absence (Agharti III, Eroica) until you reach a sort of rapture limbo  where the absence is satisfied only in our hearts, where the Seeker takes refuge from the outside world. Parasyntesis just tells us in this long inner journey through a quest that will never end, because that will coincide with the end goal of research, mixed blessing of our ego.

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