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LIVARKAHIL posted new studio report video

Man has only one goal, it is to feed his own desire, his own phantasm while keeping in mind he can wash himself from all sins by giving them to the Lord merciful and compassionate, slow in wrath, rich in goodness and loyalty.

In his wisdom, He gives us the absolution and thus reinforces us in our impunity, felling protected by the divine salvation. He, the one who is and will be, our father, the one who possesses the reign of power and glory.

He gave us His flesh by way of a guide; we sent Him back the mire of our heart as the only thank you , we as Man, the one fallible, materialistic and egocentric.

Such as an insect attracted by the light, we sink always more toward the darkness provoking again and again our Shepherd, pushing the boundaries of His mercy.

Such as children defying the authority of heaven, we are enjoying our own weakness going until lie next to the one we do not name.

We always demeaning more, finding the dark light and soothing, we taste all the joy until we implore the forgiveness of our creator.
Our hypocrisy displeases the Eternal and when He will hear it, His anger will light, and the fires will incandesce.

He will be just in His wrath and will judge who are His servants and who will be His enemies.

He will deliver the rebels to slavery of impurity and their despicable passion.

Thus the Man, in his great hypocritical weakness, will cause : The Wrath Of God.

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