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Majesty to release new album
MAJESTY are back!

"Own The Crown" is the long awaited comeback album of MAJESTY containing two CDs packed with immortal heavy metal hymns.

On the first disc you find all the greatest MAJESTY hits of the band's career so far.

Besides of the two new songs "Own The Crown" and "Metal On The Road" the second CD will feature lots of rare songs and re-recorded material which most of the fans have never heard before.

Among other things you find a re-recorded version of the ballad "Snow Is On The Mountains" which was originally released in 1999 on the "Metal Monarchs" demo.

As a unique special the first demo tape, which is out of stock for years, will also be on the CD.

In total 28 breathtaking tracks are on the 2CD box set which will be in stores for a single CD price.

The elaborately designed booklet featuring liner notes from Tarek for every single song and never seen photo material is also very worth mentioning.

Also don't forget to attend the comeback concert on September 3rd at the Turnhalle in 97941 Tauberbischofsheim - Dittigheim, Germany.

Vocalist Tarek also released the following statement:

"With this statement I want to tell all fans, friends and partners that we decided that it is time for MAJESTY to officially come back to the glorious Heavy Metal world. It might sound strange to some of you that after only three years when we said that the band is not existent anymore we return but I really want to try to explain to you all the thoughts, feelings and economic reasons which led to that decision.

I know that many of you were shocked when we put MAJESTY to sleep in 2008 and I can never properly explain you the exact reasons why we did that step and honestly, I don't even know them myself. The only thing I know is that it was a decision which hurt the feelings of many dedicated and loyal fans standing together with us side by side through the years.

I know that a bright future lies before us now and we will try to play as many shows as possible all over the planet and finally do again what we were born for: Heavy Metal - Our strength and our religion."

"Own The Crown" is going to be released worldwide on September 2, 2011.

Tarek "MS" Maghary - Vocals
Tristan Visser - Guitars
Alex Palma - Bass
Jan Raddatz - Drums

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