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March update

Pest Webzine update:


Interview with Havard Ellefsen, founder and main man behind Norwegian band MORTIIS


Interview with legendary NWOBHM veterans RAVEN


Interview with Dutch newcomer SOULEMISSION (featuring ex Prostitute Disfigurement and Cirith Gorgor members)


Blitz Quitz interview with Experimental Death Metallers ...FROM THE DEEP


Blitz Quitz interview with France based Bizarre Metal project BIZARROTURAL


Blitz Quitz interview with US based Progressive Black Metallers ENTHEAN


Blitz Quitz interview with Italian Symphonic Death Metal band GENUS ORDINIS DEI


Blitz Quitz interview with US based Progressive Thrash Death Metal band HEMOTOXIN 

!!! Pest Webzine's 500th BQ interview !!!


Blitz Quitz interview with Austrian Melodic Thrash Death Metal band IN SOMNIA


Blitz Quitz interview with UK based Progressive Metallers MAXDMYZ


Blitz Quitz interview with Symphonic Extreme Metallers RAPHEUMETS WELL from USA


Blitz Quitz interview with French Heavy Metallers SACRED SEAL


Blitz Quitz interview with US based Crossover Thrash Metallers ZAMBONI


Brazilian Melodic Death Metallers D.A.M present us their new EP, Premonitions


US based Progressive Black Metallers ENTHEAN talk about their debut album, Priests of Annihilation


US based Progressive Metallers GRACEPOINT discuss their new release, Echoes


Finnish Extreme Metal project OFGHOST present its newest album, The Awakening


Canadian Metallers THE MOUNTAIN MAN present their newest EP, Bloodlust


New reviews published HERE:

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Amenophis - Demos 1991-1992
Barus - Barus
Cober Ord - Le Revers du Soleil
Elforg - Elforg
Groovenom - Pink Lion
Harm - Devil
Lesne Licho - Pieśni Starego Lasu
Lifestream - Post Ecstatic Experience
Maze of Terror - Ready to Kill
Merciless Death - Holocaust
Merciless Death - Sick Sanctities
Protean - The Burning Centuries
Scarleth - The Silver Lining
Sus Scrofa - Sinistre Sylve
Syg:Ar:Tyr - Northen
The Old Crone - Monsters
Thou Shalt Fall - Rejoice and Laugh, Doomed to Be Sacrificed
Warchest - Downfall
Wildernessking - Mystical Future

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