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Massacre Records release statement on Saviour Machine's latest album
Official statement regarding Saviour Machine - Legend III.2

The band Saviour Machine was signed to Massacre Records for many years and released several albums. Our contractual partner within all the years was MCM Music, the management and representators of the band. All Saviour Machine releases (except the "Demo”) are property of the Matthias and Rainer Mittelstädt GbR (aka MCM Music) and licensed exclusively to Massacre Records. This all worked well until the last output "Legend III.2".

Massacre Records paid to MCM Music a high amount to finish this production as it was done for all previous albums. MCM Music paid Eric (Clayton) Huckaby for this last optional album Massacre Records was owed.

For reasons that he only knows himself Eric (Clayton) Huckaby (Saviour Machine) did not complete this album, took the money and ran and left MCM Music with
huge debts towards Massacre Records. According to MCM Music he owes them even bigger amounts which he also never refunded. On Saviour Machine's homepage you could read for years that Mr. Clayton will neither deliver another album to MCM and/or Massacre nor pay the advances back. What shall a record company do, who pays a band huge amounts of money and the band takes it, runs away and proclaims officially not to deliver anything nor will pay back the monies received? This is nothing else than a rip-off and we are very sad about such behaviour.

It is not our problem or responsibility wether Eric (Clayton) Huckaby is happy with the release. He was informed several times that we want our money back or deliver the finished production. No response. The way he acted in the last years doesn’t make him a trustworthy partner. 

For almost ten years Massacre Records is waiting to get something for their payment. Within the last year MCM Music finished the recordings they had and finally delivered them to Massacre Records to fulfill their obligations and recoup at least some of the huge debts.

Massacre Records have released what they have been delivered from their contractual partner and close the chapter Saviour Machine with this.
The label will not do any further statement about the matter at this stage.

Tuesday, august 16, 2011
Torsten Hartmann
Massacre Records GmbH

The band also published a statement regarding this situation, on August 9th. Read it HERE.

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