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MASSIVE ASSAULT set to release new album
FDA Rekotz to Release Massive Assault's Death Strike Worldwide on April 4th

FDA Rekotz will release Death Strike from The Netherlands' MASSIVE ASSAULT on March 2nd in Germany and April 4th worldwide. The second classic Swede-death attack from the Dutchmen is a nasty slab of bone-sawing, fat 'n crusty Old School Death Metal that will send you hurling into a world of death, war and misery. Death Strike is a must for fans of DISMEMBER, early ENTOMBED, DISFEAR, and ENTRAILS

01. Driven Towards Death  
02. Cycle Of Violence
03. Operation Anthropoid
04. Finished Sympathy 
05. Turning Tides
06. Pride
07. Dismal Life
08. Aggressive Depression
09. Chained 
10. Plead Not Guilty
Diesel truck grinding guitar sound, pounding drums, supercharged bass and aggressive vocals are merged into the band called Massive Assault when they formed in 2003. A mixture of Florida style Death Metal + D-beat Crust, with a thick Swedish Boss HM-2 chainsaw guitars sound. Massive Assault will release their second full-length, entitled Death Strike in early 2012, the follow up to 2011's Slayer EP, which in turn was the follow up to the Dystopian Prophecies LP/CD and Conflict EP. Massive Assault's musical style will truly ravish those who like Death Metal, but will also appeal to those who are into Crustpunk, Grindcore and Hardcore.

Crank up the volume to the max when you're listening to Massive Assault!  
Carl Christ - Vocals
Jozze - Bass & Backing Vocals
Gideon - Drum
Fredde Kaddeth - Guitars   

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