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Metal Magic Festival 2011
The time is nigh. Denmark's heaviest and craziest festival is ready to open it's gates for another edition of mindblasting metal. 

Is it necessary to introduce one of the greatest cult acts of the metal scene? When the debut album ”Nifelheim” was released 17 years ago, the critics went numb and fans gathered to salute one of the most uncompromising and honest bands in the scene. Since the band’s formation more than 20 years ago by the "twins of evil”, no one has been able to dictate one single word to them. Nifelheim are none but their own and they have never denied their musical roots. No other band worships their musical roots so masterful as Nifelheim. Fuck Off!!!
Enforcer started as a one-man project of Olof Wikstrand, but quickly developed into something bigger and more powerful. Enforcer plays and performs in a style very similar to older speed metal bands like Agent Steel, Exciter and Anvil. When the Sweden Rock Magazine asked them about playing "old school", they answered that heavy metal is not old school, it is timeless. To back this up they have two full lengths under their belt showing a band that knows how to perform razor sharp riffing and killer vocals just like the bands we were brought up with. Take a trip into the past and realize that it is still alive and well.
Bad manners, dedication to heavy metal and unbelievable amounts of alcohol can only be combined so well by the four chaotic musicians known as Gehennah! Since the legendary album ”Hardrocker” was released in 1995 this band has been a well kept secret in the underground because that is, what the band wants for themselves. Say Hello to Mr. Fist but make sure your blood alcohol level is sufficient first. It will be noisy as hell, entertaining like nothing else and fucking great!! Don’t miss out on this as this event is something special. It’s not a real reunion as we know it. The band just got together to play this one single show for us and that’s it. No more. So enjoy for the last time or listen to false metal.  
Rarely has a band hit the underground scene with such ferocity as German death metal masters Necros Christos. With several demos and split releases and two album, this band has defined what uncompromising and brutal extreme metal can sound like. This band has created it’s very own style and kept themselves surrounded in obscurity just as their music is shrouded in gruesome and lurking mystery. The band has labelled itself as Necromantic Death Metal and that is a very fitting description. Need we stress that this band has never performed their esoteric necromantic art in our country before?
RAM (swe)
For more than 10 years RAM have made the glorious past come alive with straight out no frills heavy metal. Weighted down with balls, spikes and killer riffs RAM bursts through the sound barriers and invites you to a party like no other. It’s impossible not to shake your clenched fists at the sky and scream along with the hymn like melodies and bang your head to true and pure heavy metal as the masters of olden days haven’t been able to deliver for years and years. Cliché the weak call it. Metal for true metal fans we call it!! If you don’t believe us, wait and see.
One of the most brutal bands in Denmark , Panzerchrist have been releasing albums since 1996. One common trait runs through all those albums: they all contain uncompromising brutal death metal. With Michael Enevoldsen at the helm, this band has navigated through some troubled waters in their time and thinking of this band’s incredible heaviness it is surprising that this ship keeps resurfacing. Lucky for us, because fans will get the opportunity to witness one of the rare Panzerchrist shows this year at the Metal Magic Festival. It’s hard to predict when this band will play again, so be there when the band blows your head off with deadly precision and crushing brutality!
Glorior Belli from France are tough to categorize because it is clear that they don’t think in categories themselves. With a pitch black universe and philosophically and challenging lyrics this band creates unique music that isn’t restricted by genres. Call it black metal if you will, but there is so much more to be found in the layers of musical experiments of well thought through experiments. All which sums up Glorior Belli. With three albums and a split in their catalogue fans will have the opportunity to witness a band that easily can move the common perception of metal. Be warned!
The members of this band have loads of experience from different projects and they use that in full to create heavy and brutal death metal. You need that kind of experience to create such an impenetrable wall of uncompromising heaviness as can be heard on the latest Cerekloth release ”From Morphing Dust to Festering Slime”. This band never looses sight of the old school nor the good melody, still this is well thought through death metal with an occult atmosphere, wrapped in both mid paced groove and relentless battery. Make no mistake. This band takes no prisoners.
Procession from Chile is a fairly unknown band in Europe . It’s only been three years since Procession released their debut demo, but with their debut album ”Destroyers of the Faith” the path has been laid for a major break through. The biggest European magazines have praised the band to the skies and given ”Destroyers of the Faith” rave reviews. Editor of Rock Hard Götz Kühnemund has even called the band’s debut album ”the genre highlight of the year”. Not bad indeed. Come and see why.
After a longer break, Serpent Saints are finally ready to reclaim the metal scene. Strengthened by Artillery siren Søren Adamsen on vocals the band has been working secretly to complete their long overdue debut album. The classical silence before the oncoming metallic storm! Heavy hitting metal with loads of classical melody with one of the best singers in Denmark – the result is bound to be great. The Metal Magic show will be the first (and maybe only) concert with their new singer and the first time where we will be presented to the new material!
Many still remember Blazing Eternity who ended their career all too sudden after a legendary demo and two albums. The band has decided to reunite for a short while. And by that we mean for a short while! The show at Metal Magic will be one of the only shows the band will be playing, so there’s no excuse! Be there when they present ”Fortabte Horisonter”. Melodic doom and death metal at it’s best. Proof that we will do anything to give you a great festival experience.
From Strasbourg a group of mental patients emerge, collectively known as Résistance. Their mission is set: to play metal, scream about metal and live metal. Fuck the rest and in these words this band has been introduced. There is no bullshit, just classic metal with blow torch riffing, catchy melodies and whiskey & cigarette vocals. This band incorporates the philosophy ”don’t make something simple complicated”. Enough said Bang Your Fucking Skull!!
Vanderbuyst from Holland is a genuine tribute band to the olden days where NWOBHM was still in it’s infancy and Scorpions was a force to be reckoned with. This is rock as it sounded when a group of angry young men took rock and gave it balls without taking away the melody. So all the ingredients for a great party is here when Vanderbuyst serves hooks, melodies and great hard rock. When the band performs at this year’s Metal Magic they will already have played a shitload of gigs all around Europe promoting their self titled debut album. Fans of Thin Lizzy, Kiss and early Iron Maiden should not miss out!
Hailing from Paris , Rising Dust will hit you like a 20 ton truck in the face. The mantra is doom and rock n’ roll for this quartet that has no desire for clinical productions and sterile songs. With sweat, balls and a hell of a lot of heaviness, Rising Dust is an unstoppable force that never looses sight of the great song. Fans that miss Trouble like they used to be should not miss out on Rising Dust.
Sometimes a tribute is so well executed that it becomes as good as the original. No one knows for sure how many obscure NWOBHM releases these Swedes have on their shelves, but it must be a whole lot. Because Helvetets Port don’t just play heavy metal as it sounded in England in 1979-1983 when hordes of bands where formed and started releasing music. They sound EXACTLY like them! The songs, the production, the lyrics – EVERYTHING sounds like Heavy Load, Tygers of Pan Tang and White Spirit did about 30 years ago. A lot of those bands have been forgotten since then but not by Helvetets Port. A better tribute than this is hardly possible….. Actually this is more of a historical study at the highest level possible. A must see!!
The latest branch on the tree of doom is also one of the most interesting acts to emerge for a long time. From the ancient city of Rome hails Hands of Orlac that combines melancholic down tempo metal with loads of melody and satanic atmosphere. Rooted in obscure beat and rock from the 60’ies, the music of these Italians grows out in very different directions only to meet in a very original place. Nothing is forbidden in the world of this band as long it helps create something original and gloomy. The band’s first release ”Vengeance From the Grave” was a testament to that and the debut album on Horror Records stands even stronger. See for yourself at this year’s Metal Magic Festival.
From the depths of the occult swamps something emerges darker than the blackest of night. Black Oath has received much praise from the doom congregations of the world because not for a very long time has an act been able to make an impression as these Italians. The claustrophobic melodies, the darker than black atmosphere and the haunting sounds make Black Oath an original. Carrying on the tradition made by Death SS and Paul Chain many years ago their debut album shows not only great talent, but also a deep understanding of the dark and occult world of metal. Come and become enchanted by pitch black melodies and lyrics about the other side of this thing called life.
Formed only in August 2008 French trio Children Of Doom deliver a unique maelstrom of doom metal with different influences like punk and blues and can best be described as colourful mix of Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus and Reverend Bizarre. A band that is not to be missed out on because of the heavy riffing and aggressive stage performance. Like they say: Doom, be doomed or fuck off. It’s very simple really.
Death Rides A Horse from Copenhagen , Denmark is a fairly young group that has started making a name for themselves with their heavy-as-fuck M-CD "Pantokrator”. Taking influences from the good old 70s and 80s and combining it with their own original charm creates ultra heavy and atmospheric classic metal in the vein of bands like Black Sabbath, Accept, Scorpions and the likes. Their musical purpose is clear: to create heavy and haunting music with an authentic soul; to make music that on one hand stands out as original, but on the other hand is committed to the tradition of heavy music they hold sacred. Long songs, good melodies and riffs larger than life are therefore essential to DRaH’s songs. And to quote the band: All hail the riff!
Created in mid winter 2009, Evisceration from the dark corners of France (according to their bio) consists of Hellbanger – chords of putrid devastation and eviscerate growls, Richy – unholy four strings axe and Tétar – bestial hammering incantation. Some of the members have played in bands like Mass Grave, so make sure you don’t miss out on this full on putrid death metal show in the old school vein, where they’ll perform tracks from their 2011 demo "Altar of pain”.
Who says you can’t combine musical genres? The lunatics in The Surfing Henchmen have no intention of listening to what you can and can’t do. They only do what they feel like and maybe this music isn’t for everybody, but it’s surely music that hasn’t been heard before and that counts for a lot as well. When you combine surfer music with rock and crazy humour as convincingly as The Surfing Henchmen you surely have earned your right to a spot at Metal Magic. So open a beer, surf along and be pleasantly surprised.
ANOXIA (den)
Anoxia is a Danish thrash/heavy band. The debut album ”A Lapdance for the Devil” was produced by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids) in Jailhouse studios, and all through their long career they have only followed one path: their own. Hence Anoxia have something to show for, their own sound and style combining the melody of heavy metal and the aggression of thrash. With never failing certainty Anoxia executes both worlds convincingly. This Danish outfit is an experienced live act known for tight and sweat thriving live shows, so all signs point towards a blast together with Anoxia.
GANG (fra)
Gang from France have their own interpretation of Bay Area thrash and classic heavy metal. There are quite a lot of features that enables this band to deliver a new version of a known picture. Actually it’s no surprise because Gang have been developing their sound since their inception in 1990 much to our delight this summer. Not only riffs and melodies are top notch. Gang has a great singer that will guarantee goosebumps on every metal fan. The band has just released it’s fifth album with the logic title ”V”.
MYRD (den)
Myrd (Kill in Danish) show that being primitive can be just a good as being technical. This band has no other intention than being primitive in every sense. With no compromise at all Myrd incorporates the simplest and strongest feelings in the human mind: hatred and survival instinct. It is rare to experience such strong unity between lyric and music as with this outfit. This band delivers emotions that others want to hide as far away as possible and the result is astounding… If you got the nerves to hear it. Their debut album ”Myrd Dig Selv” is out through Purity Through Fire. Take a listen to it before darkness descends over Metal Magic Festival.
Danish thrashers Impalers have only existed for three years yet have released two demos already with a third in the making. Young of age but old in mind, Impalers focus their energy on high speed thrash metal, banger-riffs and sing along choruses from the school of old. This is a band that delivers the great riff and the good song, so entertaining and musical indulgence is guaranteed.
Epic heavy metal has no age and fortunately new bands are out there believing in that genre. Ironguard from Denmark is ready to carry the flame and delivers great melodies, sing a long choruses and intriguing arrangements. While such bands like Blind Guardian has lost focus in symphonic overkill, Ironguard keeps both feet planted in traditional heavy metal orchestration with no plans to leave that territory. So there’s still plenty of power and force in the music of Ironguard as well as epic and grand emotions.
The last 2 bands will be surprise acts
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