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Metal Scrap Records announce two new releases
FATAL ERROR "Conglomerate" /CD/
Debut full-length album of Death / Hardcore / Experimental Metal band from Russia

1.Intro [Now is the End of Days and I am the Ripper]
3.Human Humus
4.Amputated Happiness
5.Coronation of Suicidal Absurd
6.Fatal Error
7.Eternity of Inhumanity
8.Inconceivable... Incompatible
9.Nature Killing People
10.Kill and Die
11.Simulator of the Life

Biography FATAL ERROR.
The band Fatal Error formed in July 2006 in Perm (Russia). Simultaneously with the first rehearsals the band wrote songs and music, performing at local areas where were well received by fans. Soon, the band recorded self-released three-song’s promo. Musicians defined their style as the experimental death metal / hardcore. The band performs in several Russian cities. In 2011, after a change in line-up the band went to the Angelrape Studio (Perm), where recorded its debut full-length album.

Vyacheslav Smirnov – vocal;
Alexey Shavrin – guitar;
Alexey Beltukov – bass;
Alexander Gordin – drums.

Debut full-length album of Viking / Folk / Black Metal band from Russia

1.Былины / Epics 04:22
2.Голос Войны / Voice Of War 03:12
3.Полька / Polka 04:10
4.Сказ о суровых норманнах / Tale of Severe Normans 03:01
5.Рунный Камень / Rune Stone 04:32
6.Ветер / Wind 03:08
7.Знай себе цену / Know Your Worth 03:14
8.Регнар и Хельга / Regnar and Helga 04:40

Band Voice Of Midnight formed in Ivanovo (Russia) in 2008. Since 2009 the musicians begin to lead active concert activities. The collective performs in costume in the style of the Viking Age, not only on stage but also at areas where there is an opportunity to conduct staged fights, light-emitting diode and erotic shows.
During its existence the guys have played many concerts including shows at big festivals. They managed to share the stage with such bands as: Tantal, Ashen Light, Stigmatic Chorus, Arkona, Kipelov, Troll Gnet El, Black Smith, Catharsis, Omela, The Way of the Sun, Butterfly Temple and many others.
In March 2011 the band completed work on recording their debut EP "Valknut". EP includes four compositions of different directions from folk to black metal and was released as online-release. The song "Rune Stone” from this release took first place in the charts of radio "Mayak".

In autumn 2011 the band signed a contract with Metal Scrap Records, and official full-length album called "Bifrost" released in December, 2011.

Lebedev Ivan – guitar, vocal;
Kuznetsov Ivan – vocal;
Balanec Andrey – bass;
Zhohova Maria – vocal, flute;
Samoylenko Aleksey – drums;
Novikov Ivan – rhythm guitar.

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