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MONDVOLLAND released new EP for free download

When MONDVOLLAND’s debut full-length album "d’Olde Roop” was released in 2010, the Dutch band had its feet firmly planted in the Blackened Folk Metal field, both in terms of their sound as well as in a lyrical content that drew on ancient myths and traditions of the Eastern Netherlands. Now, with the release of their new EP "Pestvogel”, MONDVOLLAND has taken a slightly different road.  The subject matter still draws on the folklore - two of the three tracks on the EP are inspired by local folk tales, whilst the "Pestvogel”, or "Plague Bird” of the title track is the embodiment of the plague which decimated so much of Europe in centuries past. But with this release the band’s sound is much more oriented towards blending the traditional black metal vocals with clean vocals, giving "Pestvogel” and MONDVOLLAND a unique sound.  "Pestvogel” is released on the 28th of January 2012 and is available for free download in MP3 format from the band’s website at http://www.mondvolland.com
MONDVOLLAND was formed in 2005 by Martijn on guitars and vocals and Mickeal (HEIDEVOLK session member) on bass and vocals, with the intention of breathing new life into the Pagan/Folk Metal scene that had become somewhat staid and lacking in originality. In Dutch "Mond vol land” literally means "mouth full of earth” and stems from a local folk story in which giants created the hills and forests of Montferland, the birthplace of the band’s founders, and it was these old legends that originally inspired the duo, and continue to do so. MONDVOLLAND’s current line up includes Harold on guitar and KAMPFAR drummer Ask. Frontman  Martijn had this to say about the thinking behind the release of the new EP:  "We are now a solid, four piece unit, and we are very satisfied with the direction the band is taking.  We still retain our "folk” essence, but I would say that our sound is much "blacker” than it was before.  Our decision to release the "Pestvogel” EP as a free download is really based on giving our old fans a chance to get a feel for the new direction, and hopefully gain some new followers along the way”.
MONDVOLLAND is due to play at HEIDEVOLK’s release party on the 25th of February 2012 at Luxor in Arnhem, and more information about the band can be found at http://www.mondvolland.com

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