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Monsterworks release new album
M  O  N  S  T  E  R  W  O  R  K  S
Image is Nothing; Metal is Everything.

The entity known as Monsterworks began as a death metal organism (metallicum necronominominom) spawned in a primordial swamp and went on to evolve into the sophisticated supermetal machine (uber-ferrous tonka) it is today in the fleeting span of 3.5 billion years.  This incubation period has resulted in a genus that communicates through an intriguing musical blend borrowing from the best of proto-thrash, death and traditional metal.
Consisting of Hugo (bass), James (drums), Marcus (lead guitar) and Jon (guitar/vocals), Monsterworks has thrown all its collective experience into a new and ambitious slab of granite joy: The God Album; a philosophical journey navigating the woes of religion and its implications for the modern world.  Monsterworks has been described as "thinking man's metal", a label to be proud of insofar as one can distinguish the message among the roaring and screaming that characterizes its sound.
Vocalist Jon (also vocalist/lyricist for Chicago based metal band The Living Fields) says "since the release of our heavy metal space adventure concept albums: Spacial Operations and Singularity, I was intrigued with the idea of 'themed' records rather than straight narrative stories.  This new album has something to say from a few different angles and I hope it will reinforce the importance of critical thinking and the dangers of blind faith.  We live in an age of great technological achievement, yet a significant part of the populations of supposedly modern industrialised nations believe that the Earth is six thousand years old.  There is something profoundly bizarre about that.  It is worth having a cup of tea or a few beers and pondering whilst listening to The God Album."
Monsterworks has been compared with Strapping Young Lad, 3 Inches of Blood, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Death Angel.

Everything You Believe is a Lie
The Enemy of My Enemy
False Miracle
Let It Go
(Hymn of) Fire
The God Album is released through Casket Music on 28 February 2011 (UK) and 8 March 2011 (USA), distributed by PHD worldwide.

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