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Naturmacht Prod. new releases

Naturmacht Productions news: 2 new releases out now!

Arbor Ira - "Meine Träume, vergangene..."

Mastered at Studio E, we are happy to release the 3rd album of this doom, progressive metal veterans from Saxony. Arbor Ira, as the name might tell already, sings about the mighty power of Mother Nature and the misery of human life and being. You will hear epic elements, heavy riffs, screams, growls and clean singing combined with progressive drumming and guitars. A unique masterpiece.
6-Panel-DigiCD - 10 €

Tantalos - "Ab Luce"

Already "Fiat Lux" was a succes and mostly liked in the scene. But also without this, it must be said that Tantalos is able to create its own style, also visible in the layout. "Ab Luce" has reached an even better continuation coming with the typical Tantalos sound and every "Fiat Lux" fan will enjoy this new masterpiece.
8 paged Booklet - 10 €

Order via naturmacht.com

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