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Nevember Update

Pest Webzine update:


Interview with Norwegian masters of Melodic Black Metal ANCIENT


Interview with Chilean devastating Thrash Metal combo NUCLEAR


Interview with Erik Qvick (ex. Nirvana 2002) about his new band, UNDER THE CHURCH


Blitz Quitz interview with Swedish Thrash Metallers DETONATOR


Blitz Quitz interview with Italian Death Grinders REAL CHAOS


Blitz Quitz interview with Canadian Melodic Death Metal band SILENT LINE


Blitz Quitz interview with US based Thrash Death Metallers SUPPRESSIVE FIRE


Swedish Thrash Metallers DETONATOR present us their new EP, The Burning inferno


Colombia based Melodic Black Metal band ESHTADUR talk about their new EP, Oblivion


Chilean Progressive Extreme Metallers MANO HUMANA present us their debut album, Sombras


US Death Metallers NEVER TO ARISE talk abou their most recent album, Gore Whores on the Killing Floor


US based Thrash Death Metallers SUPPRESSIVE FIRE present their debut album, Bedlam


Serbian Black Metal act ZLOSLUT talk about its newest album, U transu sa nepoznatim siluetama


New reviews published HERE:

Anarcoterror - Worms from Past
Anewrage - Anewrage
Bear Bone Company - Bear Bone Company
Carn Dum - Carn Dum
Clouds Taste Satanic - Your Doom Has Come
Comaniac - Return to the Wasteland
Deadlysins - Anticlockwise
Deathinition - Art of Manipulation
Disloyal - Godless
Doomshine - The End Is Worth Waiting For
Dor Feafaroth - Behind the Twilight Devastation
Dor Feafaroth - Extermination Of Spiritual Leprosy
Drawn into Descent - Drawn into Descent
Drudkh - A Furrow Cut Short
Empheris - Ye Olde Varsovia
Ereb Altor - Nattramn
Evil Conqueror - Carnage
Evoke Thy Lords - Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar!
Fhoi Myore / Pestiferum - La forme créatrice du chaos / Le chaos religieux
Firelord - Hammer of Chaos
Forgotten Pathways - A Long Way Home
Fortid - 9
Genital Grinder - Abduction
Haiduk - Demonicon
Idis Orlog - Froya og Svipdag and Songs from Njartharlag
Imago Mortis - Carnicon
Infected Chaos - The Wake of Ares
Kaoskult - Secret Serpent
La Horde - Dystopie
Lucid Dreams - Build and Destroy
Mare Infinitum - Alien Monolith God
Miellnir - Incieration Astern
Mortal Strike - For the Loud and the Aggressive
Naviya - Vodokres
Neptrecus - Frères de Sang
November-7 - Awaraxid 7mg
Paganus Doctrina - OmnipotencE AeternaE DiabolouS
Reanimator - Horns Up
Regurgitated Innards - Feeding the Abominable
Schnauzer / Solipsist - Mr. MHS / Night of the Wolf
Sorrowful - In the Rainfall
Soulspirya - Stay Human
South of Hell - Rising of Hate
Steorrah - II: Thin White Paint
Stillnes - Sin destino
Terrordome - Machete Justice
The Arisen - Rising Times
The Pete Flesh Deathtrip - Mortui Vivos Docent
The Silverback - The Grand Turmoil
The Ward - Part of Humanity
Vingulmork - Chiaroscuro
Violent Revolution - Damaged Society
Warfaith - Wise Man Is Dead


Pest Webzine is now streaming:


BARUS - EP (2015) 

Avantgarde Black Death Metal from France


EXPANDER - Laws of Power (2015)

Punk Extreme Metal from USA

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