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New Abruptum album

ABRUPTUM ”Potestates Apocalypsis” – new album out in november via Blooddawn/Regain Records!

A title that speaks for it self. ABRUPTUM version of the apocalypse and the 4 riders of doom. Recorded years ago and now finally unleashed! Black subterannean ambience, crushing mass of relentless darkness.
A band that originally was one of the bands signed by Euronymous/Mayhem on his legendary cult label DSP/Deathlike Silence Productions.
Many have have tried to label the band but the words of Euronymous still reflects the spirit of this band best. ”ABRUPTUM Is The Audial Essence Of Pure Black Evil”. That was the words he descirbed this Orchestra of the dark with when they signed to DSP in 1991. 

With the earthly demise of Euronymous the orchestra moved on and done releases through various labels. We now have the pleasure to bring you "Potestates Apocalypsis” which was recorded some years ago and is to be followed by the last known recording done by this legend entitled ”Gehinnom”. Planned for release during 2011.

Tracklist of "Potestates Apocalypsis”:

1. Pestilentia 2. Bellum 3. Fames 4. Mort

Black subterannean ambience, crushing mass of relentless darkness prevails!

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