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NEW EDEN set to release new album
After long 9 years NEW EDEN will release your new album "Solving For X" via PURE STEEL RECORDS.

Already founded in Los Angeles by Steel Prophet-guitarist Horacio Colmenares back in 1993, NEW EDEN have released three studio-albums so far. In the early days they already had some famous US Metal-singers in their line-up like Helstar’s James Rivera, Steel Prophet’s Rick Mythiasin (who also sang on their last studio album „Stagnant Procession", released in 2003) and Michael Grant of Crescent Shield.

On their new longplayer „Solving For X", their first album on Pure Steel, they leave the US Metal-legends behind and give us melodic Power Metal with a lot of doublebass. Now they sound more European than before. The eleven songs, which are included in here, have a good, modern production without leaving their traditional roots concerning their songwriting. The powerful and expressive vocals of the new singer Rod Arias, are at least as good as all his predecessors. Altogether you get 45 minutes of exciting and intelligent Metal without any clichés. The only song that sounds more different is the last track (Track 11).

But it’s a matter of fact: NEW EDEN´s „Solving For X" is a melodic Power Metal-masterpiece that will be loved by all friends of this genre!


1 Anthem Of Hate 3:45
2 Flames For Hades 4:19
3 Brainless 5:29
4 The Not Self 4:37
5 Unsolved Aggressions 4:11
6 Live Not Death 4:54
7 Searching the Loss 4:20
8 Grawling Errect 3:16
9 Infecting the Lie 3:33
10 Watcher 4:34
11 Three Words 4:36

Total playtime: 47:34


Vocals - Rod Arias (ex-RECON)
Guitar - Horacio Colmenares (STEEL PROPHET, AXEHAMMER)
Bass - Luis Sandoval
Drums - Jimmy Schultz (PSYCHOSIS)
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