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New release on Blasphemous Art Prod.
HORRID / CLINICAMENTE MORTI (Ita) "...Death By Metal..." (old-school Death Metal) [Blasphemous Art Productions] - Split MC - OUT NOW!!!
Split MC between the mighty old-school Death Metal's masters HORRID (old italian DM CULT!!!) and Death metallers CLINICAMENTE MORTI. Strictly Limited to 200 copies on bleeding RED pro-Tape! Totally old-school b/w blasphemous and putrid artwork/layout... in the way it should be!
HORRID side: OldSwedeath style since 1989! Feat. the re-press of their ultra limited and rare 7'' EP "Awaiting for the Truth" '96 (never reprinted before and for many years sold-out!), old Demo tracks from "Eternal Suffering" '92 & "You are Mine" '94 era (demo tapes) and "Blasphemic Creatures" from their EP '99 !!! Ritualistic, gloomy, obscure and macabre with dark production! Essential!
The Sounds like: HELLHAMMER, MACRODEX, NIRVANA 2002, CARNAGE, GRAVE (early), DISMEMBER (early)...
CLINICAMENTE MORTI side: Four unreleased and amazing new songs, of killer Death Metal... with Italian lyrics! Totally inspired by old US Death Metal like… DEATH, OBITUARY (early), DEICIDE with some CARCASS influences... FUCKING AMAZING, UNLEASHED and KILLER!!!

Get Your Copy Now For 5,00 Euro + Postage
Payment with PAY PAL / POSTE PAY is accepted.
For orders, infos and complete MAILORDER LIST, write to: blasphemousart@libero.it

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