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New release on Heaven and Hell Records

Another hidden gem uncovered; M-16 'Locked and Loaded'

Heaven and Hell Records uncover another forgotten gem from 1980s New York. In a decade when the clubs were full of big hair, spandex, and lots of kids wanting to rock the tri-state area was overflowing with circuit bands. The competitive scene was full of great hard rock and heavy metal bands but only few would rise to the top and constantly pack out the areas venues, Schenectady’s M-16 were one of those who did.
From the bands early beginning in 1981 as a local cover band playing metal standards from Maiden, Priest, and Def Leppard M-16 quickly built a reputation in the area. Every time you would scan the local papers and magazines M-16 would be playing somewhere and sure to sellout the place. By 1988 the band released their only album to date ‘Locked and Loaded’ a solid piece of hook filled melodic hard rock. By the following year the M-16 would disband. Almost two decades later the band would reform to go out and the circuit again to play for those who hold fond memories of a time that just simply rocked.
This year Heaven and Hell Records plan to release M-16Locked and Loaded’ for the first time ever on CD. The reissue is part of the ‘Lost Relics’ series and will be re-mastered and include bonus tracks and more.

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