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New release on Naturmacht Prod.
Tattered Soul - "Die Zerstörung des menschlichen Seins" OUT NOW!

Now, after the demo-EP "Let the Beast awake" in 2007, we are happy to release this Debut. Influenced by bands like Shining, Mayhem and Verdunkeln, Tattered Soul is able to create their very own sound and atmosphere. You will find no keys, but harsh guitars mostly in non blasting, heavy and melodic songs. But if there is a blasting moment, then to 100 %.

1. God Kills You (God Must Die)
2. Life Ending
3. Verzweiflung
4. Terror Propaganda
5. Parts of Myself Want Dying
6. Tattered Soul
7. Fäulnis
8. Darkness
9. Froststurm
10. Everyone Dies Alone
11. In The Front Of Death

Total playtime: 56:14 

10 €

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