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New releases on Agonia Records

FORGOTTEN TOMB "Under Saturn Retrograde"
Available formats:
- jewelcase CD
- Limited to 300 copies black vinyl with A2 poster
- Limited to 150 copies solid orange vinyl with A2 poster 
- Limited to 150 copies solid gold vinyl with A2 poster 
After 4 long years the true forefathers of aural misery are back with a vengeance! The new album "Under Saturn Retrograde" destroys without mercy all the latest Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal Emo-wannabes and restablish the hierarchy the way it should be! Innovative, heavy and dark as fuck, the new FORGOTTEN TOMB album sweep away all the pretenders to the throne and reconfirm these italians at the top of the scene, with their own brand of Nihilistic Black Rock Unlimited. Mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila (Impaled Nazarene, Amorphis, Children Of Bodom, Finntroll, HIM).

Available formats:  
- jewelcase CD
- Limited to 350 copies transparent vinyl with alternative artwork
- Limited to 150 copies splatter vinyl with alternative artwork 
Antaeus mastermind exposing another side of the Cult, while his previous act was focusing on introspection and Violence. Aosoth brings a more sick approach, based on years of excess and the obvious increasing hatred within. This combined with the musician skills of BST and INVRI, Aosoth is now reaching a step above when it comes to their expression of sinister black metal. Having now secured a live line up in the past three years, the band now exposed its Art on stage and is intending to get stronger and stronger in this field.
The band got to perform some selected gigs in the past years and shortly will take the world by storm sharing stage with Watain and Shining on an extensive European tour.
Expect nothing but satanic audio violence.  


SPEARHEAD "Theomachia"
Available formats:  
- Slipcase CD
- Limited to 400 copies black vinyl with A2 poster
- Limited to 100 copies transparent vinyl with A2 poster 
THEOMACHIA - the third opus from the UK’s leading purveyors of militant black/death violence.  By far the most hostile, destructive and apocalyptic Spearhead release to date.  Succeeding the themes of their previous work, THEOMACHIA espouses the doctrines of rise and fall, ascension and decline, and the cyclical nature of time - inflicting 11 tracks of punishing martial terror in defiance of the Western myth of linear progression.

We are in the winter of our civilisation.  Either surrender to the swift advance of death or perish by the sword of all-devouring time! Svpero Omnia!

For fans of Morbid Angel, Centurian and Angelcorpse.


DIE HARD "Hatred's Black Flame"
Available formats:  
- Limited to 400 copies black 7" vinyl with die-cut inner jacket
- Limited to 100 copies transparent sea-blue vinyl with exclusive woven patch 
Brand new 7" with premiere track and cover of Venom's Countess Bathory.

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