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New releases on Metal Scrap Records

NEURONIA "Follow The White Mouse” /CD/
Melodic Post Death Doom Metal from Poland, in vein of old Cathedral, Pungent Stench & Pyogenesis.
CD includes 9 original tracks, 12-pages booklet & pit-art for collectioners!
Total Metal Records (a division of Metal Scrap Records), 2011

1.Inside 00:52
2.Make Them Die 05:11
3.Slipping into Oblivion 04:35
4.White Mouse 04:13
5.November Skies 04:34
6.Faster 04:21
7.Death Has Come to Town 04:07
8.Put Your Dukes Up 04:05
9.Outside 00:49
Total time: 32:47
"Wedding Day" MCD, 2006 self-released
"First Blood" MCD, 2007 self-released
"The Winter Of My Heart" CD, 2008 Fonografika (Poland)
"Follow The White Mouse" digipack CD, 2010 Fonografika (Poland)
"Follow The White Mouse" CD, 2011 Total Metal Records (Ukraine)

DAMMERUNG "Dark Poetry" /CD/
Melodic black / heavy metal band from Ukraine.
CD contains 9 tracks + 12-pages booklet.
Metal Scrap Records / More Hate Productions, 2011
(MSR020/CD - MHP 10-076)

1.Geometry Of Shadows
2.Bloody  River
3.The Legaсy
4.Black Arrows Of Hatred
6.The Other Side
7.Ancient Mother
8.Tomorrow Will Never Begin
9.From Earth To Heavens

"Follow Your Own Shadow" MC, 2003 E.O.L.P. Productions (Germany)
"Black Arrows Of Our Hatred" CD, 2007 East Side Productions (Poland)/2008 WitchCraft Rec. (Mexico)
"Dark Poetry" CD, 2011 Metal Scrap Records/More Hate Productions (Ukraine/Russia)

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