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New releases on Sword Prod.

SWO-023 - BLODSBAND (Swe) - "Svunna Tiders Sägner" MC (OUT NOW!!!)
(SWO-023 Almost one hour of Brutal Pagan Black Metal from Swedish realms, The lyrics consist of quotations from Erikskrönikan (Eric's Chronicle), a Swedish text from the 14th century. Additional vocals performed by Ulf from Korpblod! Limited to 300 copies with colour cover hand numbered!!!)

SWO-029 - KORPBLOD (Swe) - "Uråldrig Samklang” MC (OUT NOW!!!)
(SWO-029 Killer latest album now on tape version by this premiere Swedish band! Cold Northern Black Metal, forged on Mother Earth Icy entrails like a freezing blaze to cut all religious sins of mankind! Featuring members of: Turdus Merula, Limited to 300 copies with great layout on pro covers!!! Highly recommended!!!)

SWO-031 - SLAVLAND (Pol) - "Lechita” MC (OUT NOW!!!)
(In cooperation with SatanHades Prod.)
(SWO-031 Slavonic Pagan Black Metal in the best Polish tradition, perhaps one of their best works so far! Tape version of their latest album limited to 350 c0pies handnumbered with a fantastic coloured cover with diferent design from the CD version!!! A cooperation between Sword Prod. & SatanHades Prod.)

SWO-035 - KORPBLOD (Swe) - "Hymner” MC (OUT NOW!!!)
(SWO-035 Re-release of their long ago sold out EP, near 37 minutes of cold & aggressive Black Metal, a call for the ancestors! Limited to 300 copies with colour cover hand numbered!!!)

For more info check the official web site at: www.sword.pt.vu
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