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New releases out now on Black Seed Productions

PRIMIGENIUM (Spa) "Faith Through Anguish" CD
After 8 years of silence, Primigenium returns with "Faith Through Anguish". The album has been recorded by Smaug alone, produced by Javi Bastard at Moontower Studios and mastered by Tore Stejerna at Necromorbus Studios. Musically these new 6 songs (over 40 minutes) continue in the vein of the previous "Intolerance" album but more elaborated, sicker than ever and bordering insanity at moments.

1. Some Meters Below Ground ... 06:27
2. Third Floor 07:05
3. Faith Through Anguish I: Abysses 08:33
4. Faith Through Anguish II: The Grand Deed 06:49
5. New Soul Shepherds 07:30
6. Faith Through Anguish III: Dead Remembrances Generator 05:41

Total playing time: 42:05

ABORIORTH (Spa) "The Austere Perpetuity Of Nothingness" CD
Awaited second album after three years of their fantastic debut album. Dark and Raw Black Metal. Six long songs of pure agonic and misanthropic aurea!!!
1. Chapter I - The truth given in gold vessels and beggar hands 06:51
2. Chapter II - Hope drunk and faith moribund 07:20
3. Chapter III - The shortest doom for the hanged in a silk thread 08:32
4. Chapter IV - While the children are rotting in their tombs 07:29
5. Chapter V - The place where the night was born and the soul died 07:58
6. Chapter VI - Hurt 05:54
Total playing time: 44:00

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