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New Selfmadegod releases

AGATHOCLES "This is not a Threat, it's a Promise" CD

Selfmadegod Records is proud to announce the release of the brand new studio album "This is Not a Threat, It’s a Promise" by the cult grind "mince core” band Agathocles from Belgium. 
The 27-song album, recorded at Soundshape Studios in Belgium where the band recorded most of their full lengths, such as the classics Razor Sharp Daggers, Grind Is Protest, and Black Clouds Determinate. 
You can expect nothing bus pure old school, raw, mince-core blast!


ENCOFFINATION "Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh" CD

From the darkest abyss comes U.S. death metal/doom band ENCOFFINATION, whose album entitled "Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh” is released by Selfmadegod Records. 
Formed in 2009, ENCOFFINATION is the sepulchral embodiment of rancid death. Crushing, suffocating death metal doom of the lowest caliber. Named for the ritual preparation of the dead for burial, ENCOFFINATION exists below the plane of mortality; deep within the realms of death and decay. Slowly they lurch forth with their educated form of blasphemy, occult, and ritualistic expulsion of the holy from the earth. 
This is the first full length from this amazing two-piece band, which is comprised of Ghoat on vocals, guitar, and bass (also in Festered) and Elektrokutioner on drums (also in Decrepitaph, Festered, Tombstones, Beyond Hell, Scaremaker). The follow-up to their After Their Temples Descend Below The Earth 7-inch, released earlier this year, this Georgia/Texas-based duo attacks with the 8-song Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh, featuring over 30 minutes of cryptic metal influenced by early ‘90s American doom/death and bands like INCANTATION, DISEMBOWELMENT, and MORPHEUS DESCENDS. 
Prepare for the most soul draining and graven death metal album of the year!

"You just can’t teach a musician this kind of death metal; it is inborn and originates from the blackest of souls. You’ve been warned." - Scott Alisoglu (Metal-Army) 
"(...) eight-track collection of monstrous and truly energy-sapping, down-tempo, doom-plus-death metal which sucks you in, enthralls you, and terrifies you all in one fell swoop." - The Metal Register 
"If Satan were to put together a play-list to torture his victims with, Encoffination’s "Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh” would be at the very top. This sinister debut is as grim as modern doom metal can get, with a rough production and inaudible low grunts to accentuate the proceedings." - Metal Underground 
"Encoffination play a gloomy, darkness-ridden manifestation of death/doom, taking the very best of bands like dISEMBOWELMENT, Sempiternal Deathreign and Decomposed and melding it into an atmosphere reminiscent of Incantation or even Morpheus Descends." - Diabolical Conquest 
"This record doesn’t offer a proper burial. It simply tosses your body into a hole and shovels tons of dank earth on you." - HeavyMetal.About.com 
"It's rare that a Death Metal release would actually capture a sound that could only be described as pure death, but in this case, Encoffination has done so, and it's a fantastic work that you simply cannot afford to pass up." - Apochs 
"if you're looking for demonic work of art equivalent to Dante's Inferno, you're in for quite a ride." - Sea of Tranquility


WOJCZECH "Pusus Letalis" CD

The long awaited second full length length from Germany's WOJCZECH is called "Pulsus Letalis" and was recorded by Pierre Bernhard at Sessionstudio / Ostseerockstudio and mixed and mastered by Harris Johns (CORONER, KREATOR, VOIVOD, PESTILENCE) at Musiclab. 
The album contains 12 tracks of high-speed manic chaos. Dissonant, monolithic walls of guitar on top of a tutorial in blast beats—monumental grind and metal with a crusty edge! 

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